Dodgers unleash 7-run inning to break open NLDS Game 3 (Justin Turner home run) | NLDS Highlights


Led by Russell Martin’s double and Justin Turner’s home run, the Dodgers unleashed a huge 6th inning against the Nationals to break open NLDS Game 3.



  1. this will work out exactly how I want it
    Gnats lose so they still will never win a playoff series
    Braves lose to LA as they choke again in postseason, CHOKELANTA
    Dodgers lose in World Series for 3rd straight year and no titles since 1988
    Can't wait…

  2. The whole key to the postseason is to jump on each teams weakness and endure their strength. Dodgers showed how to do that here. Washington has great hitting and starting pitching. Bullpen?

  3. Dodgers didn’t win 106 games this season by luck. It’s just a matter of time when their high octane offense goes off. We saw this tonight with 7 runs in the 6th with 2 outs. Houston is the other team that is capable of producing this type of offense.

  4. I was about to file a missing persons report on the Dodgers. Geez where was this the first two games?! oh right they were playing at home. Phenomenal at bat by Russel to start it off, Pollock is testing my patience.


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