Do Liverpool need to strengthen to challenge for the Premier League? | Good Morning Transfers


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  1. To quote Jurgen Klopp a few months ago: "We are always looking to sign players". This is silly season and fans are duped into expecting the clubs that they support to buy any player with a big reputation or potential. Man City are spending crazy money every season, but still haven't won the Champions league under how many different managers they've had for the last few number of seasons. They haven't even reached the damn final for that matter. Just sit back and enjoy how this silly transfer season will play out.

  2. When Man City are intending to strengthen and Man U, Spurs, Arsenal all need to strengthen. Then LFC must solidify and improve on midfield and attack.

  3. yes they need to strengthen…but they can just improve the players they have…the potential is there, they don't really need to buy anybody…

  4. Liverpool is a relatively young team. Mourinho once said that buying zero players and keeping the best players is one of the best possible outcomes for a transfer window. LFC has done that perfectly and just need to draw their strength from within the club.

  5. Short answer: Yes!.
    Long answer: There are three ways to make this current team strong, and I belive that Liverpool will implement the following strategies to win the PL League. 1. Make the players of the current team strong. This is the most obvious one. 2 Sell players and Buy new talent (they bought Keita, Van Dijk, Fabinho and Allison this last year and now they are chamption league winners). 3. Give young players opportunity – example: Trent.

  6. Hopefully Klopp isn't watching this nonsense! Who is the numpty shaking his head, saying "no" Never heard of that nobody. Talks about letting Sturridge go, but fails to say that Origi is fitter and had a huge impact, as a squad player. What a fool!


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