Derrick Rose offers advice to Dwight Howard, reveals his lowest point in NBA | Stephen A. Smith Show


On The Stephen A. Smith show, Detroit Pistons guard Derrick Rose joins Michael Eaves to talk about his tumultuous career, including his low points while …



  1. Respect to this man. Fought thru it all and let the voices be just voices. “Man I worked my ass off, bro.” -D.rose. Thank you for what you’Ve given wherever you were D.Rose. Bless you for the rest of your life.

  2. D rose stan forever. He COULDA quit but he DIDNT. Lion hearted. RESPECT

    If fuckin vlade divac can make the HOF. Derrick rose will go. Took memphis to the title game his FRESHMAN year. Still today in 2019 he is better than 60% of the league. Real ones know. And his improved 3 point has given him another 6 years in life


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