DeMarcus Cousins exclusive on moving forward from injury, joining ‘hated’ Warriors | NBA Interview


DeMarcus Cousins sits down with Rachel Nichols and discusses (:01) his return from an Achilles injury, (1:22) dunking on Kevin Durant at a Golden State …



  1. The only two who get hate for not wanting to compete is KD and Cousins. Steph, Klay and Draymond are the ones who built this team to where it is now, the Warriors were bottom feeders of the league for years before they turned things around.

  2. "They don't know your heart, they don't know your drive" lol yeah I'm sure it took a fuck load of heart and drive to join a championship team, that don't need you for shit money.
    God some of the delusional shit celebrities and rich athletes says is fucked up.
    Heart and drive.

  3. Move out from your comfort zone with KD ; do it for free with DeMarcus
    Ok Draymond is such a bigmouth and that's not fine with today NBA but he's not the bitch these two players are


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