Deciphering the Barcelona president's comments: Is Ernesto Valverde doomed? | La Liga


Stewart Robson, Adrian Healey, Paul Mariner and Alejandro Moreno react to comments made by Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu about manager …



  1. It’s not valverdes fault. Liverpool were just simply better you did well, you got to the semi final. We didn’t win the premier league we’re not saying sack Klopp. Messi can’t carry the whole team. They couldn’t handle the high press and the players are getting old not valverdes fault.

  2. Barca lost last season against Roma in the UCL winning the 1st leg with Ernesto Valverde & lost now this season against Liverpool having the advantage in the 1st leg with the same manager, why would you keep him after these 2 results….get rid of him now & if it means getting rid of the club president, so be it….cause this is Barca

  3. Bartomeu himself is not Barcelona type that's why he doesn't see any problem with valverde. We are not a defensive team. We are not a coward team. See how Ajax and Mancity went out, like men, but the Barcelona of Valverde, business as usual. No we can't repeat this mistake it is enough. EVEN IF WE BRING YOUNG TALENTED PLAYERS, NEW EXPERIENCED AND MASSIVELY TALENTED PLAYERS, THEY CAN'T SUCCEED UNDER THIS TYPE OF A COACH. We need our way.

  4. This means barca are not ready to win the champions league, maybe next season they will be knocked out by Lyon bcos Liverpool will be too strong for them again.

  5. If Messi leaves Barca now, Valverde will have no idea to win La Liga? Was he able to win La Liga with Athletic? If the president keeps Valverde, Messi will leave the club. The mood of Messi prior to Roma game last season & Liverpool game this season showed that something was wrong at the dressing room. I can confidently say that the 2nd shot Messi played and Alison saved, he didn’t really mean to score. Even, Roma game, Messi was close to scoring but he didn’t hit the ball hard to score. Messi knows Valverde’s tactics are bad and he refused to kill himself in a game that the coach destroyed.

  6. This Barcelona manager has no champion league experience so, when he gets to this complex level of soccer, he froze completely and has no idea what to do with his team or tell his men on the field. This will happen to them again as long as he's their coach. Every team that will be facing Barcelona in the champions league will learn from their two downfalls and play them even harder so……..expect this same thing next year guys

  7. Mariner is as thick as a plank, no wonder he failed as a manager. It`s not about the players `cranking it up`, it`s about the coach seeing what was happening in the game abd making the tactical adjustments.

  8. I blame Valverde too but mostly for resting the whole team. Vidal(let Gini run when ahead),Pique(Gini header) and Alba(Back pass/corner) were just stupid mistakes by players. Roberto and Coutinho shouldn't have played since attack wasn't really necessary and all the midfield awful on the day.


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