Our latest Formula 1 2019 feature on Renault F1 Team. Daniel Ricciardo headed into the summer break with a challenging start to the year behind him.



  1. Cyril needs to go. All of the words spoken by both parties during the RedBull divorce; time has proved RedBull were right and Cyril is a fool. RedBull's Championships were won despite Renault, not because of them…

  2. Ricciardo was never a great driver, I mean, 7 GP wins in 8 years?
    Now, at age 30, and with his recent results, it looks like he is past his best for F1, who are looking for new drivers 10 years younger.

  3. You have to know and understand, he didn't join Renault expecting to do better than Red Bull this year. He joined because he thinks 2021 will be when Renault start challenging for podiums and wins. Yes, 2019 is worse than it should be but also remember the Midfield is so tight and competitive. He is willing to put up with the frustrations of this year and possibly next year if it means that 2021 he'll be right up there

  4. Cyril is a joke. How Renault has 2 of the best drivers on the grid and is only 6th is down to how the team is run. Cyril is out to lunch, simply put.

    Have yet to decide who is the bigger clown: Cyril Abidibituobul or Binotto at Ferrari. Masters of incompetence.

  5. I don't know why so many are saying this was a bad move:
    1. RB had their non-Australian as their favourite, and RB screw their no. 2
    2. Daniel is destroying his Renault team mate, so still displaying his ability
    3. Renault have been successful before in F1, but yeah Williams have been there and done that so prior success does not mean it will happen again
    4. Remember M. Schumacher's move to Ferrari and how long it took to bear fruit?
    5. Better to take a chance than stick with the a team that illogicallly would have ignored him
    6. Daniel doesn't want to be just a successful driver, he wants to be a WDC, and you need a team 100% behind you. He has that now
    7. Ferrari missed an opportunity and took the wrong driver in Vettel over Daniel … but Ferrari are in a slump, so probably the best that Daniel missed out


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