“Our latest Formula 1 2019 feature on Renault F1 Team’s Daniel Ricciardo. In 2018 Daniel Ricciardo headed to Monte Carlo targeting victory. He achieved it.



  1. Great Monaco qualifying Dan. I wish all the trolls and doubters would wake up to the fact, that Dan and those with brains realize that this isn't going to be a winning car in the immediate future and the Renault switch was ALWAYS going to be a long term project.

  2. RB Wasn't going to provide a championship winning car this season or next. Their is no advantage for him too stay at RB, Moving to Renault with the new rules coming is a no brainer.

  3. I'm glad Ricciardo left RB. They treat Max like their own son, and it was easy to see how they prioritized Max over Daniel. Neither car is a championship winning car, and Ricciardo signed for how many millions of dollars again? lol even if he doesn't win a single race, in the end I dont think he'll be too devastated.

  4. No matter how funny, fast or whatever you are. After all the drama you had with the Renault Engine, and still decide to go to Renault "because they can bring a better package"…. doesnt sound legit. If Ric knows he is better than Max he should have stayed and showed it.

  5. People saying he was"Running from a Intrateam" fight are retarded. Max is their golden boy and even if Danny would be in a championship winning position they would favour Max.( And im not the biggest supporter of Ricciardo) I would have rather seen him in a Haas (even more salt in the wound becuase of Rich energy vs Red bull) but they dont have the money for him..

  6. Why did Daniel leave? It's called severe favouritism.
    Quite simply they invested in a cheaper Red Bull F1 car for Daniel as he was a side kick.

    Crashtappen was given the better of the two Red Bulls we all know that.
    Proof? Have a look at Daniel's DNF count from 2018. Horner, that is a bloody joke!


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