Cuomo battles Trump supporter over neo-Nazis and Antifa


CNN’s Chris Cuomo spars with CNN political commentator Steve Cortes for equating neo-Nazis and Antifa, who clashed during the deadly Charlottesville …



  1. Let's be real here. ANTIFA showed up to physically attack a small group with valid permits sanctioned by the city itself. If Muslims get to do it, these pricks get to do it and ANTIFA needs to learn to protest without violence.

  2. Key Officials from both the State Government and Police took last minute measures to ensure ANTIFA could bring about as much violence as they wanted. It was done for the Leftist Media so they could spin a favorable Political Narrative. To date, not a single member of ANTIFA has been punitively held accountable and this includes 'cold cocking' an innocent unarmed female photojournalist was merely videotaping. State Police stand down resulted in Antifa going on an orgy of wanton 'open street violence' that was in effect, completely sanctioned by the Commonwealth.

  3. HAHA even the guy on the left who is supposed to be the puppet who agrees with the CNN opinion host is calling Chris out for being fake news. This just keeps getting better and better, and they are going to hand Trump an easy victory in 2020.

  4. Well, the President is probably right that 95% of muslims hates non-muslims.. what's crazy about that? They would admit it.. in fact they do in poll after poll. That's literally their religion.

  5. LOL .. CNN supports Antifa. Just like all the other nasty people they support. Just another fake news attempt by Chris Cuomo and his sick leftist following. TRUMP 2020

  6. Yes, let's invite some morons to analyze that stupid "both sides" remark some more.

    Meanwhile, Trump is suing Deutsche Bank to block Democrat subpoenas. You know, like a normal president with nothing to hide would do(!).

  7. So here we have 2 full og shit Republicans because when the backgrounds are confirmed the NEO-NAZI is a life long lost Republican every time, every time, when the identity is confirmed every time. Republicans amount to nothing more than LIE LUH LIE, LIE LUH LIE LE,,,LIE LUH LIE, LIE LUH LIE, LIE LUH LIE, LIE LIE LIE LUH LIE LIE , LIE LUH LIE, LIE LUH LIE LIE LIE..

  8. When I think "antifa" I think of American paratroopers in WW2. No hard to understand at all … unless of course you are a right wing fascist trying to manipulate the facts and opinion.

  9. Trump does not treat all of the people hes been elected to represent equally, full stop. Hes not called for his supporters to stand up against neo nazism the same way he has against muslims as a group, or even asylum seeking central and south Americans ( which seeking asylum is a constitutional right)

  10. The Media has NEVER gotten this one right 'Charlottesville' and in fact has spun every bit of what actually went on over there. Myself and another individual did thousands of hours of independent research and we cannot find a single incident that occurred where either the Nazis or so called White Supremacists initiated any of the violence. Even the kid who rammed his car into ANTIFA was severely provoked. ANTIFA was responsible for ALL OF THE VIOLENCE and key members of that state's upper echelon ensured ANTIFA would have unfettered access to cause violence. Anybody recall that garage brawl where that so called 'innocent black school teacher' was gang beaten? Turns out, he was the one who started the entire fight when he bashed an unarmed old man in the side of the head with a heavy mag light. He badly hurt the man and then three of his cohorts gang beat another man inside the garage and it was only then, protestors responded in collective self-defense. They convicted three of the protestors and gave all of them long sentences.

  11. Republicans love to traffic in dog whistles, push for policies that disproportionately harm minorities, attack black athletes protesting, suppress African American votes and support guys who say things like “ don’t monkey this up” while running for office against black opponents, but as soon as you call them racist they’re all shocked and surprised FOH lol

  12. Lmfao…Did Chris just say "There are bad elements on both sides?" That is exactly and precisely what these guys are saying. That is what Trump said except he said 'good'. And it's true. Quit equating an entire party based on a handful of miscreants. This CNN divisiveness is insanity.

  13. One is fascist, the other is anarchist. That's the difference. Both have extreme ideology and tactics. Both inevitably lead to tyranny.  If you find pride in a swastika, a hammer and sickle, a confederate flag, or an 'A' circled, then you stand in opposition to the United States.


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