Cubs use 5 homers to push past Pirates | Pirates-Cubs Game Highlights 9/15/19


Condensed Game: Kris Bryant crushed two home runs, while Kyle Schwarber, Ian Happ and Jonathan Lucroy also added homers in the Cubs’ 16-6 win Don’t …



  1. Gunna be tough without Rizzo but we have to find a way. Everyone thought the Brewers were done without Yelich but they just took 2/3 from STL. If we can come up clutch and take 2/3 from the Reds and then 3/4 from the Cards we should be looking at a tie in the division going into the final road trip.

  2. rizzo will be fine, he did it in soft grass, give it a couple days and he'll be good as new. n.l. central always exciting, cards, cubs, and brewers going down to the wire. personally i'd like to see all three get it, but that requires the cards to sweep the nationals. cubs and cards still have 7 games left. stay tuned.


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