Cooper presses Williamson on her mental health views


CNN’s Anderson Cooper challenges Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson on her views about antidepressants and mental health. #CNN …



  1. For those who don’t consider “love” a pragmatic talking point, I get it. Humanity has become so acclimated to the tangibility and language of fear that the language of love seems frothy. But, there is one visionary candidate who knows how love is made practical:

    In the height of the AIDS epidemic, when many medical professionals would not touch these patients, Marianne Williamson (and Louise Hay) founded the Los Angeles and Manhattan Centers for Living, which served as a refuge and non-medical support for people with HIV/AIDS where they could connect with psychological and emotional resources, and find community support. She has said of that time that "there was so much love, because there was nothing to hold onto but love." She was holding support groups and giving lectures to these dying men to let them know that they aren’t wrong or bad and that there is a God that loves them without reservation.

    Then, when she discovered that many people with HIV/AIDS were too sick to leave their homes, she founded Project Angel Food, which delivered meals to this community, in fact, it’s still up and running and recently delivered its 12 millionth meal.

    To Marianne, love is an action as established by her work.

    Outside of Christian texts, there was little to no public conversation around love and forgiveness which is why her #1 bestseller “A Return to Love” placed her as a spiritual adviser to Oprah. She’s been shifting our zeitgeist for decades, whether you know it or acknowledge it.

    “She’s not qualified,” critics say, and yet somehow this so-called new-age hippie qualified for the democratic debates faster than several of her elected colleagues. “I like her message, but she shouldn’t be president,” supporters say. Then who? If a message rings true for you, shouldn’t the highest office have a principled and moral center that directs this country, not to mention that she will be subject to checks and balances so all your fears of what she can do or can’t do are negated by the very fact that she will be contested often, advised as any president is, the difference, however, is that she already leans toward an evolving consciousness that allows her to be open-minded enough to listen. Don’t take my word for it, look at that back-lash she’s received and the ways she’s humbly course-corrected.

    To think that a spiritual teacher is not appropriate for a candidate of this party blinds Democrats to the very real threat that conservatives don’t think liberals have faith. That perhaps the most qualified and all-inclusive spiritual teacher of this generation is eviscerated by liberals is worthy of note and conservatives (and the moveable middle) get to watch someone be mocked for her spiritual terminology. Spiritual talking points in the form of biblical references is standard operating procedure for conservatives. For Democrats, it’s “nice” but not realistic. For Conservatives, it’s how they get the vote.

    Conservatives favor Faith
    Progressives favor Facts

    If we do not allow room for a serious discourse of what it would mean for us as a party to have someone discuss spiritual principles (like love, peace, honesty), we will be left with thousands of policies and no thesis; a final destination with no compass; a sailboat with no rudder.
    There needs to be a holistic approach and standard to rectifying our country’s issues and the pain of our people. What guides us? Equality? (By what standard?) Welfare? (And how will that be measured?). You see, the conservatives have a subversive message, one that is linked to a fear of eternal damnation; one that is linked to biblical scripture; a platform that ALREADY has their plans to govern written (and it’s not the constitution). Their plans are written in the bible, or so they say. We don’t have our governing text because we are afraid of elevating spiritual principles. We have the car, just no fuel.

    We cannot have a new experience in this country unless we are willing to have a new mindset about what a leader would look like.

    You do not have to be religious, you don’t even have to be spiritual to accept the fact that discriminatory and evangelizing faith communities wield power in this country (and beyond) often to our detriment. What would behoove us to accept is that we have a right to invoke spiritual principles that DO transcend policies (for they inform them), don’t take my word for it, just ask those historical dudes who put “freedom,” “life,” “liberty,” and “the pursuit of happiness” at the fore and core of our country’s founding documents and governance.

  2. This is just my opinion, as a person with depression and anxiety, who has been on all sorts of meds, Anderson Coop is totally wrong about medications. They do more masking than helping.

  3. The people I know who are on medicine for depression.
    Are helped it and I know for a fact their medicine has saved their life cause they still here..and I'm grateful for that

  4. Warren speaks and sounds sensible and caring. This woman speaks and makes my skin crawl.
    She reminds me of a Democrat version of Kelly Ann CONway.

  5. There is clinical depression vs situational depression.
    Only through therapy and research have I learned the difference and unless you lived it. It's hard for "normal" people to understand it

  6. Everything she said was correct. AC why have you never questioned the establishment candidates this hard? And interrupting every time she talks. It's a good thing she is Intelligent and sharp and above all speaks the truth.

  7. I don't care who you are what side you're on this is fucked up what they're doing to her. This is like the Salem witch trials! She was a spiritual practitioner offering alternate ways to things she never said they were the be all… WTF! Anybody could see this is all spin. Do you know what she did in the 80s/90s? She formed an entire organization to support HIV/AIDS patients. She saw that a lot of them was losing mobility and they needed food so she formed another organization called Project Angel Food. I volunteered there as a black Trans youth. And, it was one of my only safe spaces back then. That little kitchen in West Hollywood did a lot of beautiful things

  8. In not going to get involved in a big discussion regarding this topic bc a large portion of our population truly don't understand this subject. That is fact! Hell, I'm in the medical field and I still don't understand everything about. I'm not in psychiatry or the psychology field. Don't want to be so let the TRUE professionals discuss ity. Having said that it is a fact though that this population is overmedicated. No doubt about. It is such big business that if only the people really knew what was going on. Psyciatric meds, antibiotic overuse, diabetic med over usage. You name it the doctors over use it. When Senator Sanders recently brought up that the ten highest profitable pharmaceutical companies made nearly 100 BILLION dollars in profits last year. Why is that? Many reasons but over usage/prescribing certainly is involved. And the profits seam to get bigger every year along with the prices of them. This shit ABSOLUTELY needs to stop. Doctors I know are making less bc insurance companies are reimbursing less so docs make it up by overprescribing drugs for the damn perks. The companies are lining the pockets of the doctors and it is just overlooked. Our whole health care situation is broken and completely out of control. Good luck to the next president in making an attempt to fix it.

  9. Really????? Cheap yellow smiley face! I lost my husband in 2012 suddenly he went to work in the morning at by noon I was in the emergency room a widow at 35! I didn’t want antidepressants until last year because of the stigma, right up until I almost did something tragic … so she obviously knows nothing about what total dispart is!!!!

  10. Quit dodging from clinical depression repeatedly to understandable, identifiable and transient sources of sadness as if they are on the same spectrum. Do people dodge pain? Sure sometimes. Is clinical depression solved with conversation, no… that’s what makes it clinical instead of regular depression. The brain is stuck and needs supports.


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