College admissions scam: How the privileged gamed the system


The college admissions scam involving Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman shows how some rich families may have used a “side door” to game an already unfair …



  1. Anyone paying that kind of money can keep that checkbook out rest of there kids life because they will never be able to fake life on there own from there own real intelligence

  2. Just an observation; yes, these were rich privileged families but did anyone else notice they were almost exclusively rich DEMOCRATS? Of course they did, but that's not relevant is it? Not when it shows how much the elitist left DON'T care about the poor and minorities robbed of the opportunities so casually purchased by these "champions" of the underprivileged.

  3. This has been going on long long time go. Many poor kids who are intelligent, kind etc never get a chance because of rich dumb kids, whoes parents get them everything. We live in an unfair and cruel world.

  4. ALL of the "elite" U's that the "elite parents" sought to illegitimately get their academically inept children accepted into have stated ON THE RECORD that academic ability does NOT determine admittance into their elite establishments. The actual charges brought have absolutely nothing to do with the U's. Only athletes of "low or middle income" families MIGHT have a legitimate complaint.

  5. SOooo since people are pissed about this being "not fair" (and I agree, it isn't) then logically people will also be equally if not more angry about discovering colleges grants certain (less qualified) students admission instead of others based entirely on the race or skin color of their skin, , , thus dumbing down America a little more even time.

  6. Wont go anywhere because White Folks dont want to look at themselves and make an honest assessment. They will however worry about the country being taken over by non english speaking immigrant when they stole it from my ancestors and subjugated the whole world to a Draconian Capitalistic System which sucks Nature dry… Humans are like cattle


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