Colin Cowherd: ‘The Dodgers were in a fog’ during Game 1 | MLB | THE HERD


Colin Cowherd talks MLB. Hear what he had to say about the Los Angeles Dodgers and Boston Red Sox after Game 1 of the 2018 World Series. #TheHerd …



  1. Talk more baseball and talk about it throughout the season. You talk NBA all the time when you yourself admit nobody cares about the regular season. Do the same with baseball.

  2. I find it amazing that no one in baseball, not even the experts like you, have questioned the Dodgers ridiculous lineups. Muncy, Cody, Joc, all power hitters on bench. Replaced by lesser hitters like David & Brian. And best part? David bats 3. And u dont question?

  3. No Kershaw did Kershaw playoff things. Can we now stop saying Kershaw is in the conversation for the greatest pitcher of all-time now. He ain't even the best left-handed pitcher in his division.

  4. Honestly the conditions for that ballpark is atrocious. Wet, muddy, and near freezing temperature and an outdated weird field design (metal garage door in center field?!) Not exactly ideal conditions for a ball game let alone the World Series. Fenway needs an upgrade.

  5. I am a East Coast Dodgers fan and have been to Fenway tons of time. Sad that scheduling didnt send them to Boston for almost 9 years until next season and most certainly they over managed. The game was winnable


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