CNN’s NY offices evacuated over bomb threat


CNN’s New York offices and studios have been given the all-clear after evacuating due to a phoned in bomb threat. #CNN #News.



  1. Interesting, when someone phones in a bomb threat to CNN, their emergency procedure is for the staff to gather outside, but also for the news presenters to hold impromptu interviews on the street.

  2. Awwwww…. Now #Fakenews CNN is a victim again. Anything for a ratings share, how pathetic! They probably called themselves, due to not having any REAL reporting on anything significant. The "Russian Collusion" hoax isn't gaining anymore traction, and Stormy Daniels is charging too much for urinary leaks. National Inquirer of TV.

    Trump called jihad on Central Park Five. Mob chanted death penalty on innocent black kids.
    Trump called jihad on Obama with Birther. Hate crimes exploded ten-fold post 11/9.
    Trump called jihad on Hillary with Emailgate. Mob chanted trump the ccnt, lock her up.
    Trump called jihad on Hillary with Pizzagate. MAGA terrorist shot up family pizza joint.
    Trump called jihad on free speech. Charlottesville neo-Nazis car-murdered protesters.
    Trump called jihad on Comey at Helsinki. His master Putin conspiracy-attacked Hillary.
    Trump called jihad on US Intelligence. GOP pulled plug on US cyber security.
    Trump called jihad on Mexicans. Sessions caged babies in child concentration camps.
    Trump called jihad on Mueller. FOX and GOP Kremlin wing villainized Due Process.
    Trump called jihad on Media. MAGA terrorized CNN, murdered 5 at Capital Gazette.

    Trump called jihad on MeToo. GOP went full Alex Jones on Ford Feinstein Pelosi Clinton and Soros.

    Trump called jihad on America. Declared independence as Nationalist King Emperor of the Qanon Order.

    White Nationalists went full ISIS on blacks browns Jews media liberals IC patriots Democrats and former PRESIDENTS of THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA.

    What did his buddies Putin, Kim, Mohd Bone-Saw-Man do when their abuses were exposed?

    They flex their terrorist muscles at western liberal first world.

    Exactly what Trumpian white terrorists do when their abuses are exposed.

    How much more violence can people take from these violent pests?


  4. The truth is that MSNBC tells as many if not more negative stories about Trump than CNN. In fact, MSNBC tends to break the news first before CNN and the other channels do. Yet CNN has been the one targeted by bomb threats. And you constantly see Trump trolls on CNN news comments sections. You hardly see them on the other news channels.
    Simply put, you gotta be blind not to see the correlation between Trump`s verbal attacks on CNN and the right wing nutjob attacks and threats on CNN.

  5. first of all, fuck you don lemon. the libtard leftist main media is doing this all to themselves to get sympathy, pathetic democraps will stoop to no ends to do it. no way the right would do this.

  6. For two years now America has a pro-terrorism POTUS and congress who keep their silence when their MAGA terrorists tried to kill former POTUS FLOTUS.

    For FOUR years now COMPLICIT media also allowed Birther psychos and Pizzagaters to get away with terrorizing former POTUS FLOTUS. So here we are.


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