CNN panelist unloads on Trump supporter over racist tweets


CNN political commentator Jennifer Granholm and Trump 2020 Campaign National Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany had a heated exchange about President …





    in the last 20 years, there has been no civil war, no tsunami, no devastating earthquake, no volcano eruptions, no disaster of any kind in Mexico or Central America. then the question is why these caravans are invading the USA?

    here is the answer.

    these caravans are not at random incidents. they are highly organised and well-funded operations by 7 anti-white and anti-American organisation namely la Raza, Reconquista, Unidos, mecha,, pueblo sin Fronteras and yes California. they are based in California, New Mexico and Texas and they are sending money and the activists to Mexico and Central Americ to urge the masses to flood into the USA.

    their long term goal is to take over the USA by changing her demographics. once the illegal masses take over the land, they would turn whites into a powerless minority in their own land and replace European language, values, culture, laws and the way of life with their own. after taking over the USA, they will hand over the land to drug lords and drug cartels and then move on to invade their next target: Canada. they will eventually take over both countries because of the numbers and the speed they are flooding in and multiplying. the time is on their side.


    this impending disaster can only be averted if both parties realize the urgency of the situation and unite to close the loopholes in the immigration laws.





    Zulfiqar Tareen, a friend of all, the enemy of none.

    1013 harbour blvd., Oxnard, ca 93035.

    805-444-6000 / zulfitarin@gmail. com

  2. The cartune news network once again hass the audacity put this curly-haired moron on TV bashing the Prez, calling him racist. Straight up, your stoopid network is a biased pile of morons, bent on doing thevery thing you claim about everyone else. Scumbag like you ALSO can leave any time. We had to put up with your pathetic option as an occupier of the WH, you get to do the same. So now…….. GFY's….

  3. Attempting to generate controversy, very impassioned! Trump is not a President, but he is a dictator. Name one thing he didn't get his way. If you think you found one, think again. He just hasn't finished with that one. Take immigration for instance. Remember the Muslim ban? We have a Muslim ban! SCOTUS made that permanently legal. Trump is your de facto dictator.

  4. Racists never admit to being racist. Why? Because it is a shameful position and they know it. It's like admitting to being a pedophile.

  5. CNN is no longer major news ,CNN sold their souls to Iran iatola, Somalia, African primitive descendants,I am so disappointed CNN all the owner, manager's and despeakabl "reportes,ie coumo changed 300 years old" Tapanzee bridge to" cuomo bridge " ko .sucker.!

  6. Puerto Rico Thanks you so much President Trump for starting The Great Awakening. Puerto Rico the corruption is overwhelming now we can have a new country with the protests.

  7. As a Danish citizen. Is it so fun to look how shit your country is. USA is about to be third country as nazi Germany. Not all. But there are so many uneducated people that the children of tomorrow are gone. There will maybe be some hope. But I don't think that

    I am laughing because. In meanwhile United States are fighting for not hold up with human rights and close the borders. Rest of the world will keep moving.

  8. As usual, fake Clown News Network will not let those on the right to speak, why, because the clowns arguments are completely bogus lies and false narratives. When the right speaks out it is total commonsense and true, so the left will interrupt with they're nonsensical false narratives to try and keep their lies from sinking. Wake up clowns and prostitutes at Clown News, nobody but a few snowflakes and zombies believe you're b.s. narratives.

  9. The president's not a racist…The president's not a racist…The president's not a racist….LALALALALALALALALALALALA. Is Kayleigh McEnany a 4-year old, thinking that if she repeats something over and over, it magically becomes true?

  10. His strategy isn't going to work on intelligent, honorable and integral individuals. It's one thing for citizens to point fingers, incite hatred, animosity and aggression. But it's a whole other level when the president of the United States does it. Or any government official for that matter. I've never seen a president instigate hatred animosity and aggression towards anyone who doesn't like them, until this joke of a president. That is beyond sickening, that's not uniting the country, that's creating a regime within a country.

  11. so the Right puts up a well paid deer-in-the-headlights shrill blonde to yell over the other participant in the debate. if you can't impress them with brains, Dazzle Them With Bullshit. and the Right knows that MAGA men will agree with anything the pretty blonde lady says. anthropoid hominid troglodytes, a branch of the species well worth the cull

  12. We’re the only country in the world that would allow a woman with the same radical views as Osama Bin Laden and the 911 attackers to become a congresswoman. That’s crazy!!!


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