CNN Money Morning: September 11, 2001 Intro


This is the intro or open to CNN Money Morning from 6:00am on Tuesday, September 11, 2001 (9/11/01 or 9/11/2001). This shows the World Trade center 2.5 …



  1. It still dark out but the sun will come up it was ,600 that was the last night of the towers sad if 911 would of never happened that day we would still be seeing those towers I loved them a lot but because of bin lodon and his group those towers are no more those were the good old new York days with the towers

  2. i miss those towers but i like the new one they have now i went in the new wtc tower on aug 28 2018 on my week long vaction to new york got to new york on aug 26 we were going to go in the one wtc on aug 27 but counded find the subway and it was hot as hell so went back to my hotel on 48 ave and took a taxi and visited one wtc the next day one wtc is preety and am happy it there if they bult a another tower like one wtc that would be the twin towers angin lol

  3. I miss those towers you could just look at them at night they were so pretty the new tower is pretty at night but not as pretty as these towers those towers is what made New York special I still can't believe there gone New York feels empty without them you can think bid London for that

  4. It's beautiful… Peaceful… The calm before the storm. Everyone unaware that in 2 hours and 45 minutes the world would change forever, and 1 hour after that the towers wouldn't exist anymore.

  5. It still breaks my heart those towers are gone I like the new building but it not like the twin towers if you lived in New York or visited before 911 you would see those towers for example if you were driving or jogging or on a date with your girlfrirnd you would see those towers they were pretty even at night all light up. So it breaks my heart we don't see them anymore

  6. When I was little I'd come spend every other weekend at my dad and stepmoms apartment in Manhattan and driving over the bridge at night and seeing the Nyc skyline was always breathtaking. I was particularly fascinated by the world trade center all lit up I remember I'd always wonder to myself what was going on inside each lit window..after 9/11 I didn't even bother looking at the skyline. Too depressing.


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