CNN fact-checks false claims Trump made defending Roger Stone


President Donald Trump made a series of false and misleading claims as he lashed out against the government’s handling of the legal case involving Roger …



  1. I bet Lemon is trying to attrack ButtJigg's attention. Lemon has no idea what Al Capone endured! What an uneducated idiot. If it doesn't pass the smell test Donnie Lemon, turn your boyfriend around, your nosecia in his ass!

  2. Stop stating the OBVIOUS. Let America know what the options are to protect their institutions. You, the MEDIA, with all resources, should be empowering citizens. I see same old unsuccessful strategies. Change and adapt.

  3. Every time you see fake news CNN with a headline "fact check" you know it's the exact opposite of facts which would be blatant lies, given by a guy that shoves his hands down his pants rubs his smelly sweaty balls pulls them out and shoves them in peoples faces. Free Roger Stone! He did absolutely nothing wrong!! Political hit job from the start with a corrupt judge and now a Democrat activist as the forejuror on his trial! What a travesty of justice in America!

    Chelsea manning leaks over 750k military documents to WikiLeaks only gets 35 years and pardoned by barrack Hussein Obama after 7yrs , but nobody is above the law!! Unless your a lying cheating stealing corrupt democrat then the rule of law doesn't apply to you.
    Kilirary KKK Clinton deletes 33 thousand emails and Kristian Saucier goes to prison. The media and the demonrats have been corrupting this country for years it's time to clean house!

  4. A message to the rich. If you think for one minute we're going to sit here and starve while you steal everything think again. You're either going to share what is truly ours or we'll take it from you. One way or another you are not going to have good Americans work as slaves and give them nothing in return. We will take without asking. And we will fight and kill you if it is necessary. It is the simple numbers of 320 million against 50. If the top 50 people in this country divided what they have amongst the people who earned it and worked for it and had it stolen by the rich, everyone in this country would be well off. I say we make it so. 50 against 320 million. I like those odds.

  5. This is so stupid. The guys says “he wasn’t held in solitary confinement” and then he goes on to say that “although he was held all by himself”. These fact check bits are so silly. They don’t FACT check they OPINION check

  6. I hope all Democrats and their lowlife voters get the coronavirus. Then we won't have to put up with Democrat swine any longer. Besides they are the ones who want unfettered immigration. Democrats are the ones allow illegal aliens to run wild in the streets of America. So hopefully Democrats and their lowlife voters will get all the diseases these so called people bring with them. Hopefully Democrats and their rotten kids will get sick from illegal aliens and their diseases they bring.

  7. SMH this comment section is hateful, disgusting, and Un-American. As an American I can see why other countries now look down on us. Just remember you reap what you sow. Hate, prejudice, bigotry, lies, ignorance, and criminality……The U.S. is about to get a back wash cleanse in 2020. Prepare yourselves Trumpians……….The people will be heard, the people of the U.S.A. have survived and stood strong through some horrible times, WE WILL SURVIVE THIS S*#T SHOW OF TRUMP CORRUPTION TOO!

  8. Roger Stone is a jerk… but it's BS to claim that Trump is being unreasonable.
    1 – The lead of Stone's jury is a Democratic activist. Stone's 'witness tampering' was a non-threat comment about someone's therapy dog.
    2 – It's already been proven that, by the time Stone was interviewed, the FBI had illegally extended their FISA wiretaps.
    3 – Stone is in prison for his natural life for "lying to Congress" but Adam Schiff provably lied to Congress many times… doesn't know Eric C?

  9. Rodger Stone was Stoned by the democrats and Trump is making things right again. Barr is going to release damaging evidence on the democrats in March and there is a good chance that the democrats will be finished forever

  10. CNN and Liberals dont worry about juror bias or a corrupt judge presiding over the Stone case. Our great President Donald Trump will oversee this travesty of justice! This case should either be thrown out or a mistrial! If not let it play through the court and then pardon him!


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