Clippers, Nuggets among Jalen Rose's top 5 NBA teams for 2019-20 | Get Up


Jalen Rose reacts to the Milwaukee Bucks being the early 2019-20 NBA title favorites heading into the season with a top-5 list of his own, headlined by the …



  1. People are also sleeping on the Warriors. Curry and Russell are going to ensure they secure a playoff spot. And then Klay will return early next year. They'll be ready to take on anyone come playoff time.

  2. Even as a jazz fan, we still haven't gotten past the rockets. We are most likely a 6 or even a 7 best team. I just want the current roster to marinate a year before we can really say anything.

  3. I don't buy the Nuggets as a top 5 team. They need a big time scorer.
    Jamal Murray to me is a good player but not a great player. He's a low percentage shooter. He shoots like 43 percent.

  4. These stupid ESPN lists are the reason why people frown upon analytics. Doesn't account for tenacity, versatility & experience etc & other intangibles. every metric was saying that the bucks were some dynastic team last year but what happened when they went against a team that has the traits I mentioned above?!!


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