China’s eSports problem: What is it doing to young people?


The eSports industry in China is booming, thanks to a government push which saw competitive gaming added to the curriculum. The Chinese Communist Party …



  1. oh noooo, the chinese have bad eyes because they dont have anything else to do and play 12 hours every day. its an epidemic virus that can spread through water, air, and insects BAN GAMING NOW

  2. Surely this is nothing to do with the fact that they are teaching gaming in school and just an affect of screens in general? Also in 2015 Ohio State University did a study concluding that staring at screens doesn't cause short-sightedness anyway so unless there have been other studies since which proved the opposite then this is bs.

  3. This is caused by market that esport has much more commercial potential than before. But few support from CCP and family because game is game in Chinese thoughts.

  4. the game can help u making money,but dont play your life in game, life is too short, enjoy and make it. does life has any meaning? the freedom for chinese youth is very important, freedom can get u to your interests,not follow the waste of time, and abandon youself.


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