Celebs, CEOs implicated in $25 million college admissions cheating scam: Prosecutors


Hollywood actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin are among 50 wealthy people whom prosecutors allege paid to get their children into elite colleges.



  1. Ooohhh Olivia Jade baby, I can feel the looks you must be getting & stares you are getting on campus right now from over here…and kids are influenced by these people that want to cheat their way into the world,it is earned so guess what, that's a wrap sooner or later…

  2. I'm not surprised at ALL. I'm just waiting for more evidence to come on more wealthy people who have done this. Money has made people feel invincible and that's just not the case anymore. At least I hope this puts out the message that it won't be the case anymore. Unfortunately money talks. Look at our current president.

  3. Found out it was stumble upon without even looking for it, it was not a tipper , the ring leader state it been going on for 24 years that's a long time,now a day's everybody getting caught, this God doing not ours, show your sins will find you out

  4. This is just how they rig the education system. Think of what all they get away with in other areas. Like when they or their kids drive drunk and kill someone not rich..almost no jail time every time and basically a little slap on the hand and a fine the equivalent of pocket change to them. Think of how they influence the political systems in the areas they live….In the good old days, the poor would gather up to run the tyrannical and over privileged rich from their hermit homes and restore some sort of balanced order..but now we all have facebook and instagram to keep us occupied by playing pseudo models and pseudo celebrities ourselves so no one cares.

  5. The amount of money matters but the intent was the same across the board. I cant understand how people on the sports team didnt complain about the inexperienced newbies, or found out the newbies never played sports in high school. Someone must have known

  6. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Poor minorities join the military to fight wars that have no interest in fighting just to get some cheap college tuition while the rich people pay money to rig the system to their favor. They’ll never join the war. They’ll never pay their fair share of taxes. They’ll never stand in line. They’ll never go to jail for their crimes!
    Land of the free home of the brave… yeah right.
    Wake the fuck up America! The elites are robbing us blind.

  7. How come these people are raising stupid kids. Maybe these kids need parents that put them first instead of their career. Just right your kid a big check because you guys sure put a big label on their forehead.


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