Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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Mark Radcliffe: I found a lump when I was shaving

Mark Radcliffe has told BBC Radio 5 Live how he discovered a lump when he was shaving off his beard, leading to his...

Disabled passengers: ‘Don’t even think about going to the toilet’

Wheelchair user Jemma Collins recalls how her dream holiday ended in bruises and humiliation when she was manhandled off a plane.Campaigner Christopher Wood,...

Just one week of crash dieting reduces heart function

Following a 'fashionable' fast for just one week can damage the heart, new research suggests.Obese people who suddenly lower their calorie intake to...

BAME doctors more likely to be investigated than white ones

Nine years ago, a patient died under the care of surgeon David Sellu. He was jailed but his conviction was quashed on appeal.Mr...

Anti-abortion campaigner: 'We will continue to hold vigils'

One campaigner says a 100m "buffer zone" at a London abortion clinic will not be a deterrent. Source link

Arkansas mom lost right leg due to flesh-eating bacteria

A mother-of-one who fell 20-feet down a bank in a motorbike crash, lost her right leg after a flesh-eating bacteria attacked her 'minor...