Thursday, August 22, 2019
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Devon teenager with ’embarrassing’ hives finds love

A woman who suffers from a debilitating condition that sees her break out in painful hives every day has told how she has...

Thai cave rescue: The physical effects of being trapped

The 12 Thai boys and their football coach who are trapped in a flooded cave went over a week before being found, and...

Why I got calf implants: 'There was no other option'

Personal trainer Mark Henderson to 5 Live that he struggled with his body image after an accident. Source link

Can't sleep? Listen to bacon!

Chris Brantner of Sleepzoo explains how the snap, crackle, and pop of bacon cooking can put people right to sleep. Source link

Infection: Parasitic worms leave holiday couple with rash on their bum | Health |...

A married couple were diagnosed with parasitic worms after being left with red, burning rashes on their bottoms.The unnamed couple were sitting on...

Who, or what, defines you as a woman?

Why some feminists and trans activists are clashing over the way people legally change gender. Source link

Amazon, JPMorgan and Buffett launch new healthcare company

Amazon, JP Morgan and Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway are launching an independent healthcare company for their US employees. The business giants announced the plan...

How ibuprofen damages the fertility of unborn girls

Women who take ibuprofen in the first six months of pregnancy may harm their daughters’ future fertility, a study suggests.Scientists found the common...

Mom sparks controversy with breech video and lotus birth

This astonishing video captures the moment a Texas doctor turned a breech baby while the baby was still in the womb - simply...

Pizza is healthier for breakfast than cereal

A slice of pizza in the morning might be healthier than a bowl of frosted flakes, a nutritionist claims.Registered dietitian Chelsey Amer said...