Monday, January 25, 2021

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Coronavirus: Hauliers included in Denmark restrictions

Rules for travel from Denmark were tightened after a coronavirus strain spread from mink to humans. By Source link

Coronavirus: UK bans Denmark visitors over mink Covid-19 fears

Writing on Twitter, Grant Shapps said: "This decision to act quickly follows on from health authorities in Denmark reporting widespread outbreaks of coronavirus...

Anorexia inquests: ‘Confront it early. Get help.’

A coroner says much more needs to be done for people suffering from anorexia nervosa - calling it a complex and terrifying disease....

Covid-19: We need your help says NHS chief

NHS chief: 'We do need your help' Video, 00:01:14NHS chief: 'We do need your help' By Source link

Covid: New care home visits guidance in England defended by minister

The updated government advice, which comes into effect on Thursday, says care homes - especially those which haven't allowed visits since March -...

Covid: Destructive rules only current option, says Chris Whitty

England's chief medical officer defends lockdowns as a further 397 coronavirus deaths are recorded. By Source link

Coronavirus lockdown: PM warns UK faces 'medical disaster' without action

Boris Johnsons says lockdown rules will expire on 2 December - with MPs to vote on what happens next. By Source link...

Covid-19: English lockdown may last beyond 2 Dec, says Gove

Stricter rules to start on Thursday will need to bring the R rate "below 1", the cabinet minister says. By Source link...

Covid: When will it be over and we can do this again?

So when can we expect to get back to normal? Do we just have to stick out the winter, before Health Secretary Matt...

Covid spreading faster in England than ‘worst-case scenario’, documents show

It had estimated 85,000 deaths from Covid over the course of winter. By Source link