Candidate denies female reporter access to campaign trip


A Republican running for governor in Mississippi denied a female reporter’s request to accompany him on a campaign trip unless she brought along a male …



  1. He knows how the Liberal lunatics lie, so I don't blame this man for protecting himself.
    Where is CNN reporting about Bernie Sanders having a woman journalist removed simply because she is Conservative and he doesn't want real questions asked.

  2. This is what the me to movement gets you, women will be losing jobs and opportunities for years to come because men are too scared to get me tood over touching a woman's arm or something.

  3. His excuse is fantastic!
    I have such a small campaign that I can't take one extra person but I can take two. This guy needs to think of better excuses. sure make something up at least put some effort into it.

  4. I remember Billy Graham telling a female journalist that he would only be able to meet with her under certain circumstances. That made sense to me because people would be gunning for a major religious figure. Additionally, he might do this just out of respect for his wife – she would never need to wonder. (As I am typing this, the candidate mentions Billy Graham.)

    I think that it is unfortunate but a necessary adjustment considering the tone of the culture now.

    If a woman did not want to be alone with a man, I think it would be understood.

    Body cams, camera inside the truck?

  5. This was a pure political stunt from a minor candidate, and it worked. The first rule of campaigning is to be heard. The only thing worse in politics than negative attention is no attention. His poll numbers will jump after this.

  6. they try to spin everything into sexism what this guy did definitely wasn’t sexist, a woman who wouldn’t allow a man to interview her in a room alone is also justified to require another witness as such cnn is so dishonest

  7. Well, basically it depends on which perspective you look at it. For example, if I go to the hospital (doctor) for a very personal/intimate check up, well, I prefer the doctor to be a male than a woman. Simply because I feel more comfortable!

  8. Women, it doesn't matter what their job is, need to blame themselves because of the toxic feminism, antifa and the #metoo movement. If I was that Republican, I would have done the same thing. Want to be on my campaign train, then you bring another man with you. Guys are stupid if they take the risk to be in the presence of another woman without witnesses.


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