Campaign Check: The Labour manifesto


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has promised a ‘radical’ spending programme. But do his figures add up? Sky’s economics editor Ed Conway does the math.



  1. Really: the Labour Party’s worst enemies are Labour local councils. They pursue extreme right policies, pander endlessly to big business, harass and persecute the disadvantaged make corrupt deals with all their bourgeois cronies, such as mds of charities, while saying “yes” to the Labour Party and doing no. Corbyn must know this better than most, but will he take them in hand

  2. I have a feeling that spending will go out of control with a socialist government.I think it's not a thoughtful economic policy. I think they will scare away capital and even increase the spending. We have to keep in mind that UK is currently the country in Europe where most new businesses are created in .It's a lot easier to start with something here than in other countries in Europe. Corbyn is a danger that can ruin this.

  3. Labour are very, very dangerous. I wouldn't let them loose in a Monopoly game. When they ran out of money they'd keep borrowing and selling the family silver. Thank goodness they're going to be destroyed at the next election.

  4. Change we can believe in!

    Yes we can!

    This the NLP that Obama used to get elected.

    Labour communist manifesto v2.0. We should create laws to restrict government's power. We can't have the government promising to take over healthy private industries.

  5. Be fair. Labour will spend a lot. But they will save billions that the Tories will sacrifice on the altar of Brexit. Their deal will protect the city's standing in the EU and in the world. They will protect access to the biggest market in the world for all the British companies and capitalists. Labour is good for the whole economy and therefore for the RICH

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