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The next Pixel smartphone from Google is set to launch on 15 October.

After months of leaks that have destroyed any semblance of secrecy surrounding the handset, the firm has sent out invitations to journalists and tech bloggers for its annual hardware event in New York.

Many will be wondering if Google could possibly have any surprises left to share, with just about every conceivable upgrade to its flagship line of devices having been exposed over the course of the year.

The most recent handset released by Google was the budget-friendly Pixel 3a

Key features including an improved OLED display with a faster refresh rate and an iPhone 11 Pro-esque multi-lens rear camera have already been leaked, while new gesture-based controls have been confirmed by Google.

In true Minority Report style, the tech giant has said the Pixel 4 will allow users to operate the device by waving their hand over the screen rather than having to touch it.

The system has been dubbed Soli and will be capable of silencing alarms and calls, and skipping songs.

However, Google has said it will only be available “in select Pixel countries” when the phone hits store shelves.

Another addition confirmed by Google is a wide-angle camera lens on the front of the phone, which will work in tandem with other sensors packed into the top bezel to let users unlock their device in a similar fashion to Face ID.

The company has moved to address potential privacy concerns over the feature, promising that “image data never leaves your phone” and is “never saved or shared with other Google services”.

Google has gone clean and simple for its new Android logo
The Pixel 4 will come with the new version of Android

Based on previous years, there will be two versions of the Pixel 4, with one boasting a slightly larger screen.

Google did release a more budget-friendly incarnation of the Pixel 3 just four months ago, and a similarly affordable version of the Pixel 4 is not expected to appear at the October event.

The Pixel 4 will come packed with the latest version of Android, which brings with it a dark mode, enhanced privacy options and more parental controls.

It will almost exactly a month after the latest smartphones from Apple, which will release three models in its iPhone 11 range on 20 September.


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