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People have now started visiting restaurants which means it’s time for you to up your game in order to start making profits again.

How do you make your guests feel safe? How can you manage to earn the same amount (if not more) as you did before the pandemic?

The best way is to introduce contactless technology. People are becoming warier of anything that includes physical contact. They’re opting for ways that don’t involve touching anything.

Here are a few strategies to implement to help your restaurant stay afloat:

1Say Yes to Contactless Payments

Eliminate the exchange of cash or cards between employees and customers by going cashless. Set up digital payments so that your customers can easily settle payments.

This is crucial if you’re just giving takeaway meals. You can also have self-ordering kiosks to reduce the person-to-person contact. Shorter order queues could also mean more orders.

2Introduce an Online Menu

If you haven’t already set up your menu on your website or different food delivery apps, do it now!

Update the same on all of your social media channels so that your customers are aware of your menu. Additionally, run ad campaigns to increase visibility and attract new customers.

3Reassure Your Customers

One of the most important ways to increase your sales or footfall is to tell your customers all the precautions you’re taking to ensure their safety.

People are now more aware than ever and they want to eat healthy food that’s safe and has been made after keeping all the necessary precautions in mind.

Start a few ad campaigns around the same and show how these precautions are being followed by your restaurant.

For instance, if you’re just delivering food, mention the temperature of the delivery agent when they came to the restaurant and when they went to deliver the given food parcel.

This will make your customers feel that you care about their health and safety and not just about your business.

Gain the trust of your customers in order to start making sales.

4Reach Out to Influencers/Chefs

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Invite food bloggers, influencers and chefs to your restaurant to see and feel the kind of safety measures you’re taking.

Not only do they have massive followings but have the power to influence thousands, possibly millions of people.

Urge them to share their reviews with their followers in order to increase the trust of customers in your restaurant.

If they feel that your food is safe to consume, they’ll update the same on their social media channels giving your restaurant coverage which may lead to more orders.

5Train Your Staff

Increase your quality and hygiene standards. Train your staff to wash their hands regularly or use sanitiser. Ensure that all of them (including chefs) are wearing a mask at all times.

Update your delivery guidelines, change your packaging if the need arises and take all the additional steps to ensure the safety of your customers.

6Get Active on Social Media

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Invest heavily in digital marketing campaigns and not just ads. Promote yourself aggressively to beat the competition.

Grab your customers attention by your online presence. Update your delivery hours, policies and all other online information.

Target your loyal customers and request them to support your restaurant during the pandemic.

You can also introduce memberships, loyalty programs, subscriptions and offers in order to increase your sales.

The Takeaway

In order to survive the pandemic, you will have to increase customer confidence in ordering takeout or dining in. let them know how you’re planning to keep your diners safe both inside your restaurant and outside in the form of takeaway meals and delivery orders.


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