Brightline now VIRGIN TRAINS USA – What does it mean?


Entrepreneurial legend, Sir Richard Branson, dons his sunglasses and goes Brightline. What does it mean for Brightline, now Virgin Trains USA? How will …



  1. Virgin rail service in the U.K are on the decline as the traveling public became so fed up with Virgin poor service and rip off attitude. Richard Branson is an embarrassment to this nation as he has consistently ripped off the British public. We here hate this guy , full stop. He is an con artist that never pays taxes and ever since the 1980 s has gotten away with it. Not anymore as the British public are determined to get rid of him and his business empire. Watch this space.

  2. I really hope this won't be the case! I love Amtrak and all the freight companies, I really don't want to see something like this take over the country with "Virgin" written all over it! Kinda reminds me of "Buy-N-Large" from Wall-E!

  3. Another investor-awarding business that exists only to reward stockholders without caring about the actual benefit such a transportation system could have for the general good. Local lines when a great national system equal to the Interstate system would benefit everyone. $$$$$$$$$$$ – but not for us.

  4. There are several routes that many rail fans would like to see reinstituted in the Western US, namely the Pioneer and the Desert Wind. Both have some very good tourist sites along the way. Using Siemens locomotives and couches on these routes make sense. I would imagine that the states would be interested in the economics.

  5. A page taken from the. Chinese and Japanese rail lines are elevated and segregated from fright line to avoid these incidents . Interconnecting a triangle of designations in Florida ports and airports as Miami ,Tampa , Disney and the cape . Specialized or retrofitted cars for luggage would be needed to feed the ever growing apatite these markets demands.

  6. FUCK OFF BRANSON, you money scheming cunt! Anyone think this weasel is anything other than an absolute slug-shite cretin, needs to give their head a wobble. Look at all the damage he is doing in the UK!!!!

  7. Great content. But this guy’s voice is so dull it will put anyone to sleep. Consider voice over from Google. A robotic voice can be a major upgrade to your videos. And more seriously make it more like a news show like CNBC or Bloomberg – with interviews, charts and such. Overall keep up the good work

  8. The Brightline biz model is completely different that what was done in the UK. Brightline relies on other revenue sources to firm up the farebox. The biggest one is TOD (like vacation condos/rentals) on real estate owned by a Brightline sister company. Another Brightline sister company owns internet access and cell towers along the rail right of ways. The Florida East Coast will be paying Brightline to use the Cocoa to Orlando segment for freight at night. With all of the other services that can be sold as a combined vacation package (Brits love all in one vacation packages), this makes for a large number of revenue sources. I can see a Virgin Airlines flight into Miami or Tampa that includes passage fares on Virgin Rail to Disney/Sea World/Universal. Or like the video says, take a Virgin Seas sailing on a cruise. It must have merit because it is attracting private investment (Softbank).

  9. UK Trainfan here. Beware you have Satan incarnate in ur midst. Branson and his plebs ruined the East Coast Line and then decided to rebrand because it had a such a bad reputation. What pissed people off is they now use LNER (London North East Railway) which was a well loved and respected company before privitisation. Branson and his cronies have disrespected all who worked for the company and made it great. They disrespect the fans of this company. BRANSON I'VE WIPED BETTER OFF THE BOTTOM OF MY SHOE!!!


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