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The 37-year-old promoter had been hinting at a “huge announcement” involving his recently-established Matchroom US sister company for a number of weeks.

But Hearn finally let the cat out of the bag today, revealing a new partnership with streaming platform DAZN to show 16 live events a year in the US.

The deal is worth £740m over the course of the eight-year contract, meaning each show could have an eye-watering £5.7m budget.

A further 16 Matchroom UK shows will also be broadcast on the emerging platform, which launches at the end of June in the US.

The first show will be broadcast on DAZN [pronounced da-zone] in September.

An excited Hearn revealed how the partnership came about today, telling reporters: “I needed a platform that would give us a huge volume of dates.

“Sixteen dates per year, starting in September, for eight years.

“Then I needed a lot of money. Artillery, we are dangerous with artillery. And now we’ve got it. One billion dollars over eight years.

“We have by far, the biggest rights budget in boxing. This is open season for boxers in the US. If you’re a world class fighter, top to bottom, we want you.

“No more fighting once a year, no more waiting on the dates. We’ve got the dates, the money, the platform to give you regular championship content.

“This is wonderful news for fighters, for the sport of boxing because we’re going to have a lot of fun. We’re going to upset a lot of people.

“We’re going to be causing nightmares over here in the US promotional game and I cannot wait.”

The 16 US shows will be available to UK customers on Sky Sports.

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