Boris Johnson: Brexit opponents 'collaborating' with EU – BBC News


Boris Johnson has accused MPs of a “terrible collaboration” with the European Union in an attempt to stop Brexit. The prime minister said the EU had become …



  1. Boris has surrounded himself…With Nazi type pricks,who have their own agenda, pure personal greed.The British Reich! .Not in the interest of the average intelligent Brit!…That's for sure:)

  2. As a US observer I never understood leaving an organization you are unhappy with that wants you to stay, but only if they give you what you want. There is no motive for them to cooperate. The worst deal they give you, the more likely it is you will stay. You leave first then make a mutually beneficial deal. Because that's when you have the most negotiating power. You don't beg them as you are leaving. First they don't believe you will leave there is no leverage there. You make a deal as a strong sovereign like you once were, and you'll get the best one. So he's right citizens expect to ultimately have a trade deal. And you'll get one from a position of strength.

  3. Perhaps Britain should remain in Britain temporarily and ignore undesirable eu policies to some extent. What would happen? Are there massive penalties as a result. I tend to think the EU will eventually change as more and more countries in the EU want to reform migration policies to hold the EU together.

  4. I shuddered at the thought of the Marxist Socialist Corbyn In No.10. I trust that Marxist loving scum as far as I can throw him after his u-turn on Brexit.
    Put socialism on trial!
    Put Marxism on trial!
    And have them put out back to die.
    Anyways, If Boris not able to deliver Brexit, general election time again where Conservatives pray they get a majority by rallying the Brexiters behind them. Might work, though the Brexit Party might have something to say about that. Labor got their own problems with the Lib Dems.
    I'm not sure If Democracy has ever been so abused ever? Scary communist smelling times.

  5. The blonde pig looks straight into the camera and spouts lies… in gods name has this misoginistic lying buffon came to this position of power.? Answer he has bankers and monied people backing him who know they can control him as long as he thinks he is in control……………………he aint, but the sad truth is the working man will pay the price.

  6. Brexit and no deal brexit are the same thing. I'm so tired of remainer linguistic gymnastics. If you get to vote for the type of cake you want and the choices are chocolate or raspberry, you wouldn't then expect be be given a slice of chocolate raspberry cake. Any deal with the EU can only be made if it honours a fully independent UK.


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