Blake Sawyer: Where to expatriate to escape the USA now – Part 1/2


Where to expatriate from the USA? Blake Sawyer discusses where to expatriate to “escape the USA now” and explains his criteria for where to expatriate, …



  1. If you are a noncovered expatriate, is the only benefit to getting out of the US tax system is not being taxed on non US source income? It seems there is no benefit to renouncing if all retirement income is US sourced such as 401k, index fund, and company pension. Is this correct?

  2. How comfortable a person would feel in another country can easily be ascertained by visiting the place first. I felt right at home even the first time I went to Beirut, but then a person with no knowledge of Levantine Arabic might not. Money has nothing to do with where you belong, even though it helps to have enough of it. What counts is, what country do you feel understood in? In some places I feel alienated because nobody thinks like me. In others it's the opposite, and I feel at home become I know I fit in.

  3. Regarding race, he's absolutely right — there are places without racial tension. If you're a black American willing to learn Spanish, consider expatriating to somewhere in Latin America like Panama, Medellin, Lima or even Santiago, Chile. You may discover a whole new quality of life and people who don't simply hate you for your skin color. Do expect to have your own source of income (whether you're telecommuting with a company in the States, have your own online business, day trading, etc) because local jobs don't pay much. With at least $2k a month, you'll live like a king and have better food and good health care. And if you're single, possibly find a great wife who doesn't feel entitled.

  4. I was mad at the US government and feeling disenfranchised after they moved the factory I worked at for 22 years to Mexico, so I moved abroad. First to western Europe, then SE Asia and Indonesia and finally Latin America. What happened was unexpected. I found a new admiration and love for my countrymen and homeland. The USA may have some problems, but after living in 5 different countries in the span of 4 years, I came to realize that the USA is probably the only country in the world where foreign born citizens who work hard and try to assimilate into the culture can actually be accepted as equal citizens. I often hear criticism that the US is xenophobic and racist. My response to that is EVERY COUNTRY IS XENOPHOBIC AND RACIST! The USA is probably the least of all the countries I have visited. Try being a white man in Latin America, Thailand or Bali sometime! I truly believe the USA is probably the greatest, most accepting, tolerant country in the world and I can't wait to get back in December for good. I will never live anywhere else long term again in my life and I will hopefully die in the Texas hill country. God bless the USA.

  5. This is so much BS.   If you think things are going to be better for you as an American in another country when the $$ crashes you are crazy!!!!   I have been to central America . The locals only put up with Americans for your $$$.  When the $$$ stops they will turn on you like rapid dogs !!!  Yes you can retire cheaper  in other countries BUT when your Check does not come, OR the banks fail You better have a plan to get back here to the good old USA !!!!

  6. The hell's this guy talking about. Some indexes and debt-ratios and all that don't make a difference. If you sit there just analysing numbers you'll never get anywhere. Numbers lie too, you know. Just go anywhere you like it. No place is perfect, and every place has its own bullshit: pick the place with the kind of bullshit you can tolerate.
    Make your own decision and don't go by what anyone out there recommends. Especially if one of the selling points is beautiful scenery and/or nature. Fuck that. You can find that literally anywhere on earth, even the most oppressive gulag countries.
    Before leaving the US you MUST keep at least one bank account open and have at least one mailing address (like MBE, or whatever) so that if you need it you can collect SS payments. The bank account is necessary because once you leave, that becomes your offshore vehicle. For tax purposes, do NOT file that change-of-address-to-a-foreign-country document. Again, for SS, you want to be "officially" in the USA. Moving to a sub-US country will cut your benefits by up to 75% if the feds find out you did so.
    Whatever you do, don't move to a country run by idiots, or ANY country that ANYBODY else recommends on any website that charges ANY money.
    You're better off trusting ME because I ain't making any money off of any recommendation because I got all the money I need and I don't need your $5 thank you. And the reason I don't tell anyone where I moved to and am living happily ever after is because I don't need idiots like YOU coming here and making it like the place you left, got it?

  7. This guy is a raving homosexual who says Jesus came for all when he said numerous times he came only for the lost sheep of the House of Israel. Folks if you cant see this is a liar who is on the David Duke show right now you are a lemming.

  8. What Blake has to say may very well be true and while I appreciate the fact that he put all this information together on his time and probably at a cost at this point in time when do you stop worrying about making money and start just sharing information as humanitarians? I am all for making money and having a business but I really think if millions are going to be massacred I would be just giving the info at this point. This is like 'For 30 bucks I will help save your life.'

  9. Switzerland is incredibly expensive. Probably even more so than Norway. But talk about efficiency. The trains are great but also expensive; you have to buy "half fare" cards to get close to a deal on them.

    Imagine, though, if you'd had the foresight to bank on Singapore or a place like it thirty years ago. They would have given you the store and look where you'd be now. Finding the NEXT Singapore or Switzerland is the key. Perhaps Georgia, Chile, even Latvia… or possibly even Cambodia???

  10. Gasoline prices were where we are now 20 years ago in Switzerland. Apartments are very expensive. Land extremely expensive and if your not a born citizen you don't qualify for the help for people in a lower economic category. Rural areas are better but you wont be able to buy that land.


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