Bill Gates calls Steve Jobs a 'wizard' who saved Apple


Steve Jobs was a wizard who “cast spells on people” to help keep Apple afloat during the company’s darkest days, according to longtime rival Bill Gates.



  1. I look at Bill Gates. And I think there is more to crazy success than just hard work and ideas. He is different. His brain is wired differently. The way he sits, talks, almost everything. He looks like us but he isn’t exactly “average”.

  2. I remember in 2005, sophomore year of high school, me and all my friends had iPods. Our school was a Mac school and I’m thankful for that. Apple is awesome and I’m glad to be in their ecosystem. I only wish they would innovate faster.

  3. what makes he is special is his forecast ability, he predict where the tech headed and he forced world to move taht way. and, how he save apple is pretty easy any mba will do, just a simple restructuring and crunching

  4. I think Steve Jobs gets just a little too much credit. He would have been nothing in the early days without Steve Wozniak, and in the later days without Johnny Ives. I believe so much of what made Apple what it is today came from Ives' designs more than Jobs' leadership.


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