Bernie Sanders says Trump is a 'corporate socialist'


During an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders makes his case for why he believes President Donald …



  1. I still for the life of me why is it hard for Americans to see what he is talking about only when it catches up to them personally with illnesses or loss of job. American wages have been stagnant and people seem to be sleep to the fact. I voted for trump but he has turned out to be smoke and mirrors. Middle America is not doing that fantastic. How’s those student loans coming along. Where are the return of the factories he promised. Dismantling Obama care is not “ replacing it with something much much better”. Drug prices have gone through the roof nothing changed for the better there. All smoke and mirrors no substance. Let’s not mention Mexico paying for the big beautiful wall. Yeah we are winning so much I can’t stand it as the opiate crisis continues to grow.

  2. Economic bill of rights? Humans do not need to be guaranteed a set standard of living. We need to work for what we want, it shouldn't be given to us. Our rights are to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Nothing else. Money is a measure of worth and the effort put into goods and/or services. An economic bill of rights essentially negates the worth of those people and those services.

    We must defend our rights. If a person is working 60-70 hours a week they are clearly doing something wrong with how they spend their money, and I will not stand to bail them out of their situation if they can't do it on their own. If you don't work, you do not eat, and I'm not about to pay for your food stamps because you're too lazy.

    While there will be certain instances and exceptions for how a little bit of government intervention could help, it will hurt far more.

    I'm not saying vote Trump, but definitely don't vote for the guy who is trying to steal from rich, the middle class, and the poor.

  3. Bernie sounded more passionate, inspiring and RIGHTEOUS tonight than I've ever heard him tonight.
    A man that is a couple of right moves away from having a chance at making a difference on the same issues he's been talking about his whole life.
    One who knows that right now is the exact moment.

  4. Bernie Sanders has been consistent throughout his history, from the Chicago Civil Rights arrest in 1963 to his unfaltering record in the US Congress, Bernie has always been for the common man and human dignity! Bernie Sanders 2020!

  5. Bernie Sanders must be the richest socialist ever he sure wants to give a lot of other people's money but he sure doesn't donate much himself to charity. I guess it's easy calling for socialism when you're a millionaire who has multiple mansions.

  6. The have nots are on our own, left to make ends meet when debt is crushing us, health care is ailing/killing us & a college education is but a dream. The Haves pay less (or nothing) in taxes than I do. Bernie gets it! Anderson looks like Bernie is speaking a foreign language (rolling my eyes). Labeling Bernie a "socialist" is beyond idiotic when the USA is the ONLY Western Developed Country that doesn't guarantee a right to health care, etc AND when they're spending far less than we do & work more efficiently in the same areas we're outspending them in. If we can subsidize corporations & the wealthy, then we can invest in REAL AMERICAN PEOPLE. #Bernie2020

  7. Bernie spent his whole life living off the labor of others. Of course he would defend Socialism. He needs to make some culprits so his bucketheaded supporters will have next week's script.

  8. In the sense of wanting freedom – but ONLY FOR the super wealthy to oppress everyone else, for the 1% to cheat every which way they can (and do), for racists to eliminate whoever they don't happen to like, and for bullies to bully,
    – then YES!
    – Trump and all the rest of the "Right"-wingers can be called "freedom fighters", "socialists", etc.!
    Hence, Trump, his loves (Putin and Kim), and Adolf H. before them, can now be be considered "heroes".


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