Barcelona’s defensive woes made clear in loss vs. Real Betis | La Liga


Dan Thomas, Gab Marcotti, Steve Nicols and Craig Burley discuss on ESPN FC Barcelona’s 4-3 defeat vs. Real Betis, specifically the club’s issues on the back …



  1. I hope Messi leaves Barca like Ronaldo did for Juventus so barka fans can cry when their best player leaves LMFAO That's why Juventus is gonna win the ucl barka fans 😉 fact is without Messi Barca would be shit statistics show he has made 67 percent of barcas goals by scoring himself and assisting he saved your asses many times but you barka dogs don't don't deserve one of the Goats. Hala Madrid y nada mas

  2. A few years ago, "complacent" is not a word I would have ever associated with barcelona. I don't know what's happened, but what I do know is that if you want a world class squad to go out there and play every match at 100%, you need a leader to get everyone together and focus on the right things. Against roma, against levante last season, against leganes, and now against betis, it's been the same story again and again and again. Complacency from our defense and midfield. It's the elephant in the room this time around; messi's return. For three weeks we've seen everyone in the squad reach a new level. Coutinho had the best game of his life in my opinion at the San Siro of all places! Suarez tripled his goal tally and shot straight up to the top of la liga, arthur has proven his worth, alba played so unbelievably well that even luis enrique can't deny him any longer, so on and so forth.

    Messi returns and everyone is frozen. Well, everyone except messi because even with restricted movement in his right arm he's still creating more than anyone else on the pitch. It's as if the squad had become used to playing without him and panicked when they looked around and saw that pressure was taken off of them. Suddenly two or three extra players are called to mark messi, meanwhile alba, rakitic, dembele, and others don't know where to go. There's a serious issue with the mentality that is put on the players at barcelona. Some players keep getting rejected from the squad for no reason, others keep playing despite needing rest, and everyone seems to not understand that if you take your gas off the pedal, your opponents become better. Is that valverde's fault, or is it something else? I can't say for sure but it needs to change. This international break couldn't have been timed better, and maybe they can come back next week and actually act like they're playing for an elite club.

  3. I think it was just an off day for us.
    Yeah i agree that we do have to work on our defence.
    I think pique needs to be more active defensively,he is good we all know.
    As far as midfield is concerned,we are missing coutinho.I think they should include vidal in the starting11,and malcom should also be given another chance.He is supremely talented.

  4. Believe it or not, Ter Stegen is not to blame here. He is the last line of defense before the ball goes in. Yes, he made some errors but in my opinion, the defense was all over the pitch.
    Sergio Roberto was caught out of position many times, Pique wasn't being vocal and didn't lead the backline. Most importantly, Valverde makes me question his substitutions yet again.
    We are not in trouble just yet. Visca Barca

  5. Dembele needs to wake the fuck up or get the fuck out, pique needs a rest and a wake up call aswell, roberto is clearly not made for RB, we keep overusing busi and raki, like what the fuck is going on. Also the bastard Valmeirda needs to leave at the end of the season.

  6. This is how I know some of these analyst doesn't have much knowledge of the game. The midfield was very detached from the defense when ever they were defending . This is not individual mistakes ,this is a team effort . Watch the goals and see that the back 4 was there at all times but when the ball is squared back ,guys on top of the box free and that's the midfielders job to pick up those players. This is like when you're blaming the goalie for goals scored when the defense is allowing opponents free shots at him.

  7. of course the defense is shit. it’s been obvious for the longest time. barca always need to score a lot of goals to secure a win. valverde feels the need to play ring around the rosie with all mid and attacking players but doesn’t touch the back line whatsoever besides the addition of roberto. ter stegan is shit,pique is shit, busquets is shit, umtiti is alright/kinda good, alba is shit defensively(which is his primary role) and sergi roberto lol it looks like his mom banged one of the board members to get him some playing time

  8. Why isn't anyone talking about midfield? That's where the battle was lost Betis pushed there wing backs forward making it 2-6-2 at times, they dominated midfield with numbers and Valverde didn't have answer to it

  9. This match was an easy to win…telle piqué to stay behind and put semedo in place of sergi Roberto..advance sergi roberto to the middle…i swear some coaches juqt ask dumb on purpose some times


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