Barcelona vs Valencia [2-2], La Liga 2019 – MATCH REVIEW


Barça were held by Valencia after four goals were spread between the two teams on Saturday evening. Kevin Gamiero and Dani Parejo scored for Valencia …



  1. Disappointed to drop points today guys, but the performance itself wasn't a disaster. We've got lots of big games to come, so let's stay positive! Let me know your thoughts:)

  2. Valverde is having problems with the big guys in the squad. Vidal and Suarez were off colour but the coach lacked the impudence to take them off. Instead he took off Coutinho and Alena who i think were doing better in terms of creativity. If he wanted to take control of the game then he had to take Vidal off and introduce Melo. There was no need to switch Roberto to the right back position, Semedo was in fine form but Valverde just hates him. Mr Valverde needs to work on his substitutions before we cry.

  3. It looks as if the Refree his assistants and all the VAR OFFICIALS were told to officiate against us. The foul on MESSI leading the buid up to their first goal and soo many things they did against us.

  4. vermalen was a woeful choice, not only that but he subbed off semedo when he was actually having a good game, smh. On the bright side, alena was amazing,it was a breakout performance arthur vs spurs but on a smaller scale. I have more confidence in his future here then ever before. Lastly, vidal and rakitic just do not work together, busquets, arthur, and rakitic are my choices for midfield

  5. Barca played very predictable. Ofcourse jordi’s width changed the game. This game would have been different with dembele. I think malcom should have came in early for coutinho. His pace seriously caused trouble. Valverde needs to stop using vidal in multiple positions its affecting our midfield shape. Everyone else played fine. Valverde needs to play coutinho in centre because he s comfortable in centre also messi was on right side for most of the game. We need to improve our midfield team selection. Valverde’s only weakness is he is not picking the perfect lineup always. Sometimes it works but mostly any other lineup than our starting 11 we have been getting bad results.

  6. Quote " January transfer window we did very good job ", where is that great job !!! I doubt we would need a comeback if we just kept Munir and Denis to play against Sevilla. instead buy a left back.

  7. I'm sorry, but I'm finished with Valverde! Resting Alba fired back bc he ended up playing an intense 2nd half, which means no rest for him (oh, and BTW, he picked up a yellow card and will miss next liga game away at Bilbao). To add insult to injury, he waited till Busquets & Dembele are unavailable to play BOTH Alena and Vidal, leaving out Arthur! Gambled at so many levels against a strong Valencia team. Tiredness can't be an excuse bc Valencia also played at mid-week. Poor team management!

  8. Alena is really showing signs that he can really become a top class player. Stupid substitutions form Valverde. He should have brought Malcolm earlier than 80 mins. He got both of the left side of defense wrong. He should have played one Vermaelen or Roberto.


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