Barcelona vs. Granada anaylsis: Messi-Griezmann relationship still not right | La Liga


After Barcelona’s 1-0 win vs. Granada, ESPN FC’s Alejandro Moreno and Steve Nicol recap Quique Setien’s first win at Camp Nou. Moreno says Barcelona still …



  1. Not much differences? Valverde practically eliminates the 'go get the ball back in less than 6 seconds'.
    Secondly, there was not too much ball hogging, even Messi is like Messi when he was in the first season, touch and pass.
    But I have to agree, player understanding still seems lacking on the interplay and spacing was too crowded in the midfield.
    Somebody need to be like Dani Alves or Iniesta who will sometimes break forward filling the void up front. Griezmann should also need to reduce his help defense far away back mentality since there will be no target for counter attack.

  2. ESPN is an American basic cable sports channel. Steve Nicol played for the successful Liverpool teams of the 1980s.  Moreno was an MLS player.  Anyone who can make this discussion more interesting?  by putting someone who can counter Liverpudlian, Spain soccer bits of knowledge, probably have Barcelona knowledges?

  3. do any of these people actually watch la liga games cause Fati and Griezmann and Alba alllllllllll offered width during this game … i am absolutely going to unsubscribe to this channel i absolutely hate it … 3 clowns sitting at a glass table … men said it wasn't much different from what valverde brought to the pitch… they are all shameless … ESPN pundits never fail to disappoint me! SMH

  4. In which area are they vulnerable? They had 83% possession. Granada had one lucky chance and otherwise was never near the goal. Like have you watched the game or just the highlights?

  5. were they even watching the same game? do us all a favor and get your eyes checked. That was a new breath of fresh air! i saw beautiful football! some minor mistakes ofcourse, but the team completely came back to life!


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