Barcelona to play regular-season La Liga match in Miami | ESPN FC


With the news coming out that Barcelona is set to play a regular-season La Liga match vs. Girona at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Adrian Healey, Shaka Hislop, …



  1. This is bullshit, Americans don’t care about football, I know Hispanics love football and they will probably fill the stands, but this is a Spanish competition, and for this reason it has to be played in Spain. And we all know that the Spanish FA wants to make a political affair about it, they are prohibiting the Catalan flags in a Catalan derby ? That smells like shit, fuck this bullshit

  2. With midweek cupgames, January is an insanely tiring month for the players and two 8 hour flights and jetlag is going to make it even worse. It's a disadvantage that other teams don't have.
    If the fixture was decided by a draw or something, it would be kind of alright, but the fact that this is a Catalan derby makes it blatant favoritism towards Madrid.
    I suspect they will also make it about politics by playing the Spanish national anthem before the game, giving away Spanish flags and not allowing the Senyera.

  3. Okay but Girona fans deserve to see this game in their home stadium, doesn't matter if 'no one cares it's Girona'. Last year barca found it hard to break thro when they played there. Such an ignorant response.

  4. We in the US travel there to watch games fans in america are not fans of the MLS there are hard rock fans of premier league , la liga serie A and now the dominance of French football

  5. Those who are saying its just one game please understand that they are taking away a small team's home match to a entirely different continent. They already dont have much fans but still atleast 10k people come to their stadium and support them. Now in Miami 90% people wouldnt even know who Girona is so almost everyone would support Barca. Please explain how the hell it will be a Girona home game when more than 90% people would be Barca fans or would be supporting Barca?

  6. I guess it's because I'm so used to the NFL and NBA doing this but I don't know why you guys are so outraged. Seriously, it's one freakin game, I've never heard of any other fans complain about this until you guys.

  7. Americans goes to the sports matches to drink a beer and sleep on the chair ,they don't know what the football is and what
    feeling,love and passion football fans have to their team.
    You bastard Americans let our beautiful football alone and stuck with the boring stupid sport you have.

  8. Dumbest idea ever, domestic league should be in their own country. What’s the point of home or away? You’re telling me Girona is going to come to U.S with majority of their fans? Barcelona will be the clear home team lol, how’s that fair?

  9. It’s honestly sad and hilarious how pathetic the Spanish league is. I mean fucking let Barcelona make fools of themselves. The fucking bundles Liga is more entertaining than La Liga


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