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  1. I bought a Verizon phone on one of their plans. As soon as my contract was up I switched my service to another carrier. Because Verizon lied to me a LOT! So anyway, the phone I bought just happened to be 5G capable, and I've had it for 5 years now! I like it very much. Back then 5G wasn't a thing. But the new service – after two years told me that my service would be stopping unless I bought a 5G phone ( preferably from them!) I had to actually contact the service twice because they refused to load minutes onto my phone! Pre-paid, and so much cheaper than Verizon!!!
    And long story short – I checked out the phones that they were selling online… mostly they were 3G phones! OH yeah, I still have my old phone and after a few nasty calls and online conversations = yes it still works just fine, only showing 4G and in some areas 3G. But here's my point – They told everyone that their phones wouldn't work. They shut off my aunt in Texas, and forced her to buy another phone and she is with the same service that I am. She got a little flip-phone that is 3G, and now can call us in Michigan… I refused to be bullied into buying another phone, but they tried!

  2. This is what Q and Trump told us that the Trust was helping free nations to take back our banking systems from the New World Order. Our FED and every major bank in the world are owned by The Illuminati Rothschild's, who also owned us. Yes, even our birth certificates, and DNA. Our Nation has been a corporation since the 1930's or earlier. Trump filed papers back in March to take back our nation from foreign ownership that had been hidden from us. On March 19, 2019 we again became a Republic. We are ready for the crash. We have printed money and it is gold backed. The Old FED has to end to take back complete control of our own nation. The banks are being reset, preparing to exchange dollar for dollar, only the new dollars actually have concrete worth, not just computer numbers. Many other nations are with us on this. But the UN controlled and EU controlled nations will be going to a cashless system. They we're all offered the opportunity to go back to the gold standard. Many stayed with the system that have screwed us more years than I have been alive. If you can get some cash out. If you did like Our President told us to do back last October and get some emergency supplies for about 3 weeks, up to 3 months, you will be fine. He and Q also suggested to put your money in locally owned credit unions. You won't lose any money during the change over, but it will take longer the bigger the bank. Mainstream news should have prepared you, they chose not to. Online on YouTubes we're lots of people who unlike me actually work in finances and investments, and have been reporting this would begin to happen. So buy lots of peanut butter and crackers, if you haven't done any prepping. We have been warned for at least a year. This is not just a US changeover, but we will have our own cash, as will Japan, China, the Philippines, Venezuela, I think, Russia, and quite a few more nations. They will all be gold backed. Let's just say, the people who stole our gold many years ago, no longer have control of it. This is what had to be done to keep the New World Order from controlling all incomes of all people in a computer system that they planned to gradually take total control of. California fires we're one example how they planned to herd us into mega cities and take everything we own including implementation of UN Agenda 21 which in conjunction with 5G that is a military grade laser weapon, spyware, and MKUltra mind control. All those shooters that said they heard voices before they killed people really did . This is Sci-fi now a reality. I personally don't want to live like the Deep State has slowly been been aiming us to live or die. Many of you will mock what I am telling you. But I and many others have been trying to tell people for a long time. Now is not the time to freak out. Just do what you can to get ready. Norma Dowling

  3. I don't see the logistics for a grid down scenario. All first world Western civilization nations are being influxed with third world nations. in order for their agenda to happen they need the welfare system and for people to pay taxes for that welfare system.

  4. If you look at everywhere a outage is … that’s where trump is visiting!!! They could be killing the Internet to keep any private conversations Private! Look trump was in Japan and England look at everywhere it’s apparent to me they are killing the Internet in all places trump was . Probably to keep out the hackers ! I had major problems Sunday and Monday ! It’s Tuesday now and I was watching the news and saw everywhere trump had been is where the outages are ! We all know he is being targeted by many hackers or surveillance teams ! So they kill switched the Internet for privacy! And also the feds are going to be doing a interst rate move so that will cause a bank run ! Get your money out the bank except enough to pay bills! Bank of America will be the first to bank run ! Which is where they will close banks and take your money! Don’t leave any extra money in the bank ! It will be gone ,,, it can happen any day when the feds move the interest rate ! Anyway I could be crazy ! Or dumb just sharing my observations

  5. The TRUTH is Earth is flat and stationary and NOT a magical spinning ball whirling and twirling through the vacuum of Outer Space but most people believe these LIES due to systematic indoctrination and brainwashing we all received from birth.

  6. On Saturday June 1st, power internet and phone went down.This went from midwest to Canada, that we know of there might haave been more.. Matter of fact Marfoogle news,showed maps of where and what was out.Similar activity was reported 6-2-19 and 6-3-19
    The only thing I consider strange, is how far it was spread. No real explanation,for us in US, Canada got lines down. I know when the net came up, google had a sprint statement . It announced their towers, were responsible for the cancer at that school.

    There was a set of twin events, that happened in midwest and in Hawaii .If I remeber right it was May 31st and june 2nd, dealing with a incoming nuclar alert. Now each time the military said, whoops my bad. Which really is strainge considring military protocal, especially once a mistake has happened once. Also the operator has to drop down, three sets of screens to in put codes.

    It makes me wonder if the, military is up to something.Like getting areas ready that they think wlll be hit, it wouldn't be the first time.Or was that incoming aleart accurate,or did something get threw. Again it was reported on several You Tube channels,But again Marfoogel news carried, both alerts with up dates. Quite often they get alerts before anyone else,its not quite a news show.Its more like a talk show trying to be newsie.

  7. Yup, I live in NYS, and I've been having really bad problems with my internet just about all week. It got really bad starting on Friday, still going on today. Couldn't log on to Citibank this weekend, and have had some problems getting on some of my other various bank websites too…

  8. Fooo Fam checking in. You know I have a thought about that outage. Trump went to Europe on the day we went down, so did Europe. As well the 4th was something in China. Had something to do with the 4th. China I believe was cut off due to the 4th. Isnt Google now in CHINA? Just thinking here… Some odd quinky dinks here.


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