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Next year’s Marvel epic is shrouded in much secrecy, but that hasn’t stopped fans trying to work out what happens next.

Avengers Infinity War left the Cinematic Universe in utter despair as Thanos successfully murdered half the universe.

Avengers 4 set photos appear to suggest time travel will be involved.

And now has posted its theory of the film’s plot on Facebook.

They write: “We know that there will be some time travelling in Avengers 4.

“Iron Man and Ant-Man go to the New York Battle to take the Mind Stone.

“Captain America goes back to WW2 to take the Space Stone.

“Rocket and Nebula go back to Xander in the time of Guardians of the Galaxy to take the Power Stone.

Fans have theorised that Ant-Man will time travel via the Quantum Realm to get out and then use it to visit past scenes from previous Marvel movies.

When Reed was asked specifically about Ant-Man time travelling in Avengers 4, he didn’t exactly say no.

The filmmaker said: “Based on the science that we’ve set up in the first movie and this one, I won’t rule out the possibility. Because, again, we are dealing with a time vortex. That could happen.”

Avengers 4 will be released in UK cinemas on April 26, 2019.

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