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Arsenal legend Lee Dixon does not think Unai Emery will be given money to spend in the January transfer window to save his job and has suggested he will be sacked before then.

Arsenal have suffered their worst start after 12 matches of a season for 37 years.

The Gunners are eight points behind the Premier League top four and are in danger of not qualifying for the Champions League for a fourth successive campaign.

Club chiefs have come out in support of Emery and say they fully believe he is the right man to lead the club forward.

But Dixon thinks unless there is a major improvement in results then Emery will not be at Arsenal much longer.

And he does not think Emery will be given the necessary funds to spend in January.

“There’s only one thing that can happen, well there’s two things. It can get worse or it stays the same,” Dixon said on The Season So Far.

“And if it stays the same, either way, he’s not going to be in the job for long.

“It’s like making the same mistake time and time again. At some point you’ve got to go ‘maybe we should do something different’.

“Now what that different is is the board’s decision.

“At the moment the players don’t understand what the manager’s trying to do and the manager hasn’t got the players to do what he wants to do, so something has to change.

“Now whether that’s ‘right, we’ll give you a load of money at Christmas, get some more players’ or we change the manager. I kind of think it’s going to be the latter.

“I don’t want to see anybody lose their job but this is my football club we’re talking about and what I’m seeing now, you cannot game-manage like that. It’s irresponsible.”


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