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Cech has been the regular goalkeeper in the Europa League for Arsenal since losing his spot as the Premier League No 1 to Bernd Leno midway through the group stage.

The 37-year-old is set to retire after Wednesday’s match in Baku and reports claim he is set to become a sporting director at former club and final opponents Chelsea this summer.

That has led to many Arsenal fans claiming Cech should not play, though the former Czech Republic international has tweeted saying he is completely focused on the match ahead.

Seaman is surprised Cech’s proposed new job has been leaked but says he would have picked Leno in the final before hearing the news.

And Seaman referred to how former Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger picked him ahead of Richard Wright in the 2002 FA Cup final despite not playing in previous rounds.

“Well it was announced and I was thinking ‘woah, who’s let this out? Who’s actually leaked this?’,” Seaman told talkSPORT.

“If it’s Chelsea then is it mind games? To make Arsenal think ‘is he going to be thinking about Chelsea when he’s playing?’

“Or maybe Arsenal have leaked it because they might not even be playing him, and use that as an excuse?

“It’s a strange one because there was a poll last night and I think it was about 60-40 wanted Leno to play.

“I know Cech has played all the games but in a final like that, especially against Chelsea.

“Arsenal need to win this game to get into the Champions League.

“For me, you play your strongest team.

“If that means Leno plays then that’s what I would do.

“I know Arsene Wenger did it with me, he did it to Richard Wright.

“He played all the FA Cup games and then played me in the final.”


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