Apple CEO Tim Cook: Exclusive interview


In an exclusive TV interview, CNNMoney’s Laurie Segall asks Apple CEO Tim Cook about privacy, regulation, and the future of humanity’s relationship with …



  1. Tim Cook is NOT a real biological male BUT a secret masonic FTM transgender "TRANSman Lady" CEO originally born a girl with female DNA and turned to be FAKE man by Testosterone and other freemasonic transgendering techs & stuffs just like other tranny elites & riches. S-he has a typical female skull, feminine oval face, flat forehead, jewish crooked nose, and other ftm's traits….so….s-he is just an old jewish woman among their inner-circle. Laurie Segall is a secret MTF transwoman Male with typical male skull, too. This world is so weird and satanic world where the secret Androgyny crypto/palace Jew Tranny Elites have ruled. Their Lord, Lucifer him/herself is the ultimate Androgyny.

  2. Tim Cook is a good CEO and a good speaker and says it as it is and I love the products Apple produces and the products they have iPhones, iPads and Macs Apple Watches and other products love their work!

  3. Why are so many gay people in power such big communist supporters? Liberal as well… Too much info gathering…And please stop “auto updating” my devices… They run like shit now and I can’t sell on line efficiently any longer using the app/site Ir used for years. Thanks alot

  4. He ride on the coat tails of Steve Jobs. He did not improve anything except tell everybody that he's gay. That probably jacked up the demand for iPhone. It's still a 1 hit wonder company.

  5. i think its funny how he says "everyone should decide for themselves" as if user choice is a priority at apple. give me a break. they're a cult that doesnt give a shit about consumer choice.

  6. i think its funny how he says "everyone should decide for themselves" as if user choice is a priority at apple. meanwhile their devices have custom screws that make them unmodifiable, non genius "partners" are subjected to license threats and fines if they dont comply with apple ordering standards, and theyve been caught intentionally making devices with lifespans that match their next generation of devices. they're such a insular, disingenuous company. they dont give a damn about consumer choice.

  7. iPhone is nothing compared to Tesla electric cars or Heavy Falcon Rocket. Apple is nothing compared to SpaceX/Tesla. In short, Apple is like a piece of little rock, and SpaceX/Tesla is like a mountain. Tim Cook is a sore loser wasting a whole brand of Apple.

  8. I was surprised that Apple did put on privacy. Like why would they care? It's a company just like other big companies. It's not going to make them more money than not putting privacy. I'm surprised hopefully they continue and not bogged down by other companies.

  9. It would be interesting to measure and compare the IQ of iphone users and the android users. Years ago there was a similar research that reported that Firefox/Chrome users are generally smarter than Internet Explorer users.


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