Anna Soubry: Change UK doing 'remarkably well' despite polls


Change UK’s Anna Soubry says the party offers the change voters want, despite its low showing in the polls nationally. SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for …



  1. If there is another referendum between 'No Deal' or 'Revoke' , it would essentially be another referendum on 'Leave' or 'Remain'.

    So basically all Change UK had done is renamed the original referendum Options. But in a way it is Changing something.

  2. Anna Soubry couldn’t even lie straight in bed a liar and does not represent anyone except herself has her nose well and truly in the expense’s trough. Should have been deselected the moment she jumped ship and given her P45.

  3. Sorry mistakenly hit on this again !!!
    Sourby ….hahahahahahaha
    What a joke of a woman (?)
    Thank goodness that at the next election this witch will be out of our lives forever !!!

  4. The stupid woman doesn’t realise it’s not just the political parties that are broken. Much more importantly it’s the parliamentary system that is broken. It’s not fit for purpose any more.
    Representative government, where we elect people to take decisions for us while we get on with our lives and do as we are told, isn’t good enough. That has been the lesson of the referendum.
    The referendum result proved our political classes have no regard for the opinions of us “ordinary people” and the chaotic aftermath has demonstrated that like nothing else in recent history. The fact Soubry simply doesn’t understand the bleedin’ obvious it quite disturbing. Simply starting a new political party but working under the same old system will solve nothing.
    And the “first past the post” counting system adds to the confusion and the breakdown of the system.
    We need a new parliamentary system, plus a new way of counting votes so it doesn’t take seventy thousand votes to elect one Labour MP but two million votes to elect one UKIP MP. Proportional Representation perhaps, or something very like it. And we need more Referenda.
    Perhaps we should copy the Swiss.

  5. Leaving with no deal scares me , it means Westminster will be running our country . Not only are they out of touch with general population but with agriculture , the fishing industry and businesses . In fact out of touch with reality .

  6. Anna soub and Emily thornberry really need to GTFO out of politics they are nothing but absolute poison to this country. Bring Men back to the forefront of british politics and get these whackjobs as far as away from public service as possible, well maybe as bog cleaners.


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