Andrew Gillum: Regret I couldn’t bring it home | CNN midterm election coverage


Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum speaks to his supporters after conceding the race to Republican Ron DeSantis. #midterms #gillum …



  1. Mr. Gillum, most people don't want a socialist nor someone who played the race card every chance you got. You have never had a real job as tax payers have been paying your way. Get some experience in the real world and stop fueling racism. This is 2018, not 1918. Now you have time, study what socialism truly is. BTW, take a few lessons from John James from MI. He is an American with a great future.

  2. God bless you and your family may plentifully blessings be among you. America lost a good man but made a good statement in coming within a few points that there is more good in America and it’s time for us to be a great nation under God. You ran a good and clean race I’m very proud of Florida

  3. I’m a resident of North Carolina and I was heart broken and I was sad that we didn’t win in Florida. Hearing him speak made my heart smile and I thought to myself damn, but it’s gonna be alright.

  4. A decent speech, but pretty underwhelming to be candid. He didn't win. Beto didn't win, GA probably isn't going our way either. Until we find candidates that can win, we all will suffer in the long run.

  5. He lost by like 50,000 votes, with amendment 4 passed, hillbillies dying b/c poor healthcare, and more young people voting Dems are going to win future elections in FL, nothing to worry about

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA You IDIOTS couldn't even win Florida with no TRUMP on the ticket on a so called BLUE WAVE Election & about 200,000 new Puerto Ricans from that stupid hurricane! Goodluck in 2020! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  7. Admittedly I don't know all the details of the campaigns or issues in Florida. But looking at the debates, it seemed like Gillum wiped the floor with DeSantis. I know that's not everything, but just looking at the debates Gillum looked WAY better.

  8. Florida is an ass backwards state for real. You applaud and back gillum for the 4th Amendment where there are 1.4 million felons who were not able to vote are now able to, and you don't vote for him what you vote for a racist clown wow

  9. It looks like the Florida Republican tactic, of appealing to white racist voters in Florida to vote against a Black candidate they charged would "monkey-up" state government, was an effective one.

    Fun facts about Florida: Prior to the Civil War, cotton was Florida's major cash crop and half of Florida's human population were slaves of African descent.

    Another fun fact: Florida became a Confederate state during the Civil War and was a big source of food supplies for the Confederate army.

    Yet another fun fact: After the civil war, a lot of former Confederate soldiers from other states moved to Florida and many of their descendants live in Florida today.

    So, the next time you book a Disney World holiday or go on a cruise that departs from Miami or go on a boozing holiday in Key West, remember that you are providing some tourism tax dollars to a state where blue collar white voters tend to vote for white Republican candidates for governor and US senator — same the way a lot of white voters in Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia vote.

  10. Was wrong is that Republican's get the support of white supremacists when bloods and crips nortenos and surenos Kings and Gds should unite and vote against these racists shit heads.

  11. A lot of pundits are counting him and beto out, but if you look at their numbers they did well considering that they were the underdogs. I am looking forward to a Beto/andrew presidential ticket and seeing stacy with a senate seat!

  12. Gillum is 100% class, Florida has a lot of trash; but I think most people who voted for DeSantis are probably not horrible people. They probably simply believe Trump, Fox News, social media talking head, etc… who tell them the economy is awesome and think that's what they're voting for when they vote GOP.


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