Amy Poehler’s tips on the best wine for popcorn, dancing and bedtime


Amy Poehler believes there’s a wine for any occasion. Here, she shares her pairings for some of the most relatable situations in her new movie, “Wine Country.”

The moment:

The gals arrive for dinner, starving. Their appetizer arrives and it’s about three pieces of popcorn topped with “lavender fleur de sel.”

Amy’s recommendation: When you’re feeling hangry, “You have to keep it light, because you don’t have a bread base yet. So I would say a prosecco to start you off. Something light and sparkly that will make you forget that you only have three pieces of popcorn.”

The moment:

It’s late, the crew is back at the rental house and everyone is gearing up for a dance sesh, in which they’ll listen to “nothing later than ‘Hey Ya’ ” by Outkast.

Amy’s recommendation: “Something ’90s. Don’t overthink it. Chardonnay.”

The moment:

The night is winding down. Poehler’s character has strapped on her sleep apnea CPAP machine and is tucked into bed.

Amy’s recommendation: For a knockout sleep, “Maybe like a pinot with a hint of NyQuil, and two melatonin gummies floating in it. That’s called a night-night.”

By Lauren Steussy

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