All 50 U.S. states summarized (Geography Now!)


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  1. People always seem to think that Texas hates Mexico, but Texas culture is heavily based on Mexican culture, and many people know basic Spanish or learn it in school.

  2. “Where the Red Fern Grows” is set in Oklahoma, not Arkansas. I’ll grant that the Ozark foothills culture is all going to be pretty similar regardless of what state you’re in, but that’s probably not quintessential Arkansas culture.

  3. I feel like he needs to address Ohio's deal with Michigan in football. If Michigan wins the whole city of Columbus will be set on fire.
    (I'm a huge fan of Ohio state i will do it.)

  4. Teccas weather in a nutchel = it was snowing yesterday but now it’s hot enough to boil eggs on the concrete..
    one side of the city is having a tornado watch,while the other side it’s sunny….


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