Alien news: Japanese Lunar Orbiter captures UFO ‘taking off’ from the moon


FOOTAGE has emerged that proves extraterrestrial life inhabit the moon — according to wild conspiracy theories online.

In the clip, the narrator explains that he has discovered something groundbreaking while watching a feed from the SELENE Lunar Orbiter.

The Selenological and Engineering Explore — also known as Kaguya – is the second Japanese spacecraft to orbit the moon’s surface.

But according to online theories, the machine may have picked up proof of alien life during its excavation.

The narrator says: “I discovered a point where they were flying over the massive crater and it appears something is caught flying up out of it.”


ALIEN LIFE? Strange footage shows something taking off from the moon

The video then shows a red ring around something that appears to take off from the moon’s surface.

He also shows a zoomed in angle that shows the subject “swimming” into space.

The man adds: “It’s almost like a fish — it speeds up and slows down and then speeds up again.”

The video was uploaded to YouTube channel secureteam10 yesterday and has already racked up more than 380,000 hits. 

And viewers were astonished. 

One comment read: “Wow that footage is amazing.”

And another added: “I’ve been doing UFO research since I was a child and It’s hard to impress me now, but I swear that moon clip is an actual animal on the moon, that’s wild.”

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