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  1. You made me cry when talking about the Fool and the Star about 18:00. Giving some hope does help. Im so exhausted from years now of listening to the yapping from trumps et al antics. His campaigning from the start was vicious. All the Obama birther crap. Im sick of it !! How many times must I say that.VOTE BlueTsunami. Save USA

  2. Sunday evening – I am still on the edge of vomiting. I am so enraged that the sight of McTurtle smiling that I am moved to violence.
    Might be interesting to take the pulse of the country regarding the reliability of the FBI. I believe they may havee ruined themselves in the past week. They will be vilified in literature and entertainment for the rest of this generation. Crooked Cops will become the standard Bad Guy – FBI agents who are on the take.
    They have proved they ARE on the take, not honest.
    I am too sick from being lied to and deceived to cope at the moment.
    I might recover, but my current mindset is more conducive to removing Obstacles to Humanity (directly, without remorse, swatting the flies of filth lighting on our lives) than on being sweet and passive and patient.
    Now we're being told to take it.
    Even YOU are telling us this.
    "Patience. Don't get angry."
    I'm PISSED. I was raped. I see this has happened again and not just to me.

  3. I have never, felt this sadness about my country. You're right…bulldozed, that's what they did to us…I have NO doubt that our election will be tampered with. The odds of us being able to stop this…it's not looking good. I'm heartbroken…heartbroken.

  4. Thank you so much for your kind words of hope. It is very ugly what is happening to us now. We have always dealt with shady politics and greedy evilness. but this has been two years of a disgusting, sadness that feels like every morning we wake up and there's a new low.

  5. We can only sit back and watch but it's up to you guys in America now. How do we know that when you guys go out to vote that it won't be rigged anyway!!! Damned if you do, damned if you don't. But you guys have to try. In Australia, voting is compulsory….so make yours count. Be like brasey Ford. …let this be your civic duty. Boy, Linda g the psychic was the only one that was bang on (that I'm aware of) about Kavanaugh and his confirmation. Fingers still crossed for you all. It's getting beyond the joke now. If they win November, better get to like the way the Russians live. God…..help America! !!

  6. For a Hefty Financial price, Susan Collins believes that it was NOT Kavanagh but a different man -WTF! Anyway, the best thing to happen is for Collins (and a load of GoPers) to lose their Seats in the Senate. And as for myself, I am beginning to sick/tire of USA Politics – I am so happy NOT to be a US citizen and I prefer to watch/listen to NON USA music/films, and some of my pals are actually boycotting USA goods, not travelling there when 45 is Squatting in the WH. I just hope that there is a Blue Wave, I really do – but policies needs to be discussed NOT waiting for this overdue Mueller Report to finish. A sad day, and a sign for Women in the USA to 'shut up about it' regd sexual crimes, etc. Anyway, Fox Entertainment are over the moon about this – and the saddest thing is that the Viewers (who will suffer from loss of benefits/longterm work) still think of 45 as Jesus Christ!

  7. Kava Nope will be removed. People are working hard to remove him right now. He will be the first to be removed through impeachment. And Trump needs him because he's been named in 2 felonies and some other stuff. If Trump gets caught, he needs Kava Nope to pardoned him. DAMN SHAME!

  8. I didn’t find Fords story credible. I don’t think she showed enough anger to be a victim.I thought she acted weird and she reminded me of some spoiled friends I use to have.Im sure she was no angel! Why don’t u do a reading on Ford telling the truth!

  9. I heard an astrologer say that "the feminine" is at a temporary very very low point due to venus retrograding in a particular sign, and she is going from being the morning star to the evening star, and other stuff…(sorry i dont know much) .BUT this guy said not to despair because her power will return…i think it might have been david palmer, at the end of one of his very long rants…

  10. Years ago, Hillary Clinton was giving a talk somewhere, and she said "beware of the Federalist Society". I thought how curious, I never looked it up, and now look. These politicians have an agenda, are connected to big money as in your reading, and plainly have sold their soul (their consciousness, their morals), for 30 pieces of gold : a Supreme Court seat. What must the S.Court judges think now that they have a biased, paid for new associate in K. Kavanaugh MUST recuse himself from certain cases. WE WILL BE WATCHING !

  11. Susan Collins tried to have it both ways, and that's when she lost me. Not when she voted with her party – not when she spent 30 minutes justifying her vote. She lost me when she closed her speech by cloyingly encouraging women to come forward with their stories (WHY WOULD WOMEN DO THAT?!!!). At that moment in her speech, I felt the same queasiness in the pit of my stomach, that I feel when men are condescending to women.

    I didn’t expect it from her.

    (Yep; the 6 of Pentacles says it all)

  12. Susan Collins is an attention whore. She gets zero attention unless there are votes where she's considered a moderate and possibly in disagreement with her party. She played on it despite knowing she was going to vote for Kavanaugh from day one. She ignores reality. Remember this is the woman who said she was only going to serve two terms, that was 22 years ago!

  13. Please don't listen to those who say just "let it go" and let's try to reach across the aisle and work with the Republicans.. I say this because this tactic of rolling over and showing your flank that has been practiced by the Democrats for so long now has given fruit to the takeover of the extreme far right in the USA as of now Republicans control the overwhelming majority of state legislatures and governorships and they control both houses, and of course the White House and now the extreme far right has a stranglehold of 5-4 on the Supreme Court.. Playing nice and playing by the rules against an opponent who has no moral compass and will break every rule in the book and will think nothing of sinking low is the reason why the extreme right has won so much and will continue to as long people remain submissive.. Sure in a perfect world which we don't live in by the way, that tactic which Democrats use to their own peril of "When they go low, we go high" leads to defeat.. You can't fight by the rules with someone who doesn't and expect to come out on top.. That only happens in a perfect world which we don't live in.. The extreme right has mastered how to use this submissive tactic of submissiveness against the left and until people grow a spine and fight back they will continue to lose.. You have to defeat evil by standing up to evil.. Not backing down when the fight gets ugly.. So stop listening to those who say just let it go and smile and think happy thoughts..

  14. That’s exactly what I said to Collins in an email-she is a traitor to the American people, especially American women. Thanks for saying that! I also told her she must have received either an enormous amount of money or she was promised the governorship of Maine which I promised she would never achieve – the women will see to that. She will go down in history as a paid off traitor but, shockingly, these Republicons don’t realize how villainous they are and will be viewed.

  15. It's really tragic that the majority of us Americans didn't vote for Chump, we know how corrupt and money driven politics is….yet we have to suffer because of the Americans who still need to learn their lesson. And these conservatives are not the type to learn what they don't know.

  16. Is this the woman who takes out Kavanagh after he has gotten on the Supreme Court? So here are three questions I don't know the answer to: (1.) Isn't this act huge for a Federal District Court judge to take to ask for the intervention of the Chief Justice of the United States in a potential criminal that has come to her court's attention? (2,) Do you think she would have done unilaterally or do think she coordinated with her Presiding Judge on the DC Court permission's before approaching the Chief Justice? (3.) Also, have you ever heard of such an approach to the Chief Justice ever before in our long judicial history? MY POINT: This simple act could be the biggest move against of all good old Brett! WHY? Because she received credible evidence he committed perjury. If true, then this means I am almost certain that the Chief Justice has been notified of the evidences existence. What is your opinion?

    See: https://www.palmerreport.com/analysis/federal-judge-asked-chief-justice-john-roberts-to-intervene-in-brett-kavanaugh-scandal/13269/

  17. Lena, thank you for your wisdom, love, and encouragement. Your knowledge of our history and government is quite impressive. Your readings and interpretations give us hope that our democracy will survive and thrive. Blessings and love.

  18. I have to defend the FBI in that their hands were tied by Trump in that investigation. Overall I believe that institution to operate without partisanship in practice though it has widely been seen as a Republican institution , i am referring to the old republicans who were conservative but didn't sell out to russia. for regular investigations FBI still does bang up job because the deplorable Jeff sessions stands between it and trump. it's ironic sessions who is so horrible is helping fight the good fight. yes the trend to not use PACs is what might help save us. BETO doesn't accept PAC money. we here in u.s. starting this country by being optimistic fools. it is urgent we keep our rebellious friends all over but down under especially because of Gems like you.

  19. Thank you so very much for your insights regarding this very difficult time in the US and reminding us to move forward and not feel defeated as we watch the circus in Washington DC. You are a very welcome reset after such a difficult day, a difficult week and a difficult 2 years. Reminder to all in the US, voting is the best revenge.


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