15 Celebrities Who Came Out This Year


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  1. it's all product a designer's Jew not to worry Sharia law will soon be implemented in North America this is a vacuum that must be filled and you had your chance with Christianity so enjoy Sharia law

  2. GOD loves all of us. But. When it comes to living with him forever in "HEAVEN".. he clearly says "NO"! ….for all of you who disagree.. know first , " I love you". Ok, #2. say , "SODOM & GOMORRAH" #3. Say, RAINING 100 pound ROCKS! note the rocks stayed on fire even when they fell! #4 GOD was so angry that HE turned one of his most "Faithful " into a PILLAR OF SALT!.#5 According to GOD ,she .."SHE" is still standing TODAY! So if you think that all this gay stuff is cool, it IS! …. It's a one way ticket straight to HELL!

  3. So I'm confused.
    The whole only gay actors should play gay roles crap.

    Uhhh, isn't that kind of what actors do?
    They act….like other people.

    So only British people can play britt roles?

    Same way with Americans & people of a certain race portraying a character from historical movies

    Uh no. That's dumb

  4. Every new artist and not so new artists are queer, gay, binary, etc. I dont have anything against them. But im against bandwagoning and taking advantage of issues like gender equality. Most wanna come out? Come out at the start of one's career, and dont be hypocritical asses before becoming famous.

  5. Every time I look at a video like this all I think about is soon there is not going to be no more straight people.The world is changing and some are good, but some are bad.

  6. There is a 'cause' for everything. No judgement, but two men or two women can't reproduce nor repopulate. If that were so, Adam 'and' Eve would have been totally unnecessary. So, there was something traumatic that happened in their lives that brought on the sexual preference or choices. Again, no judgement, but there is a cause and reason for every human action.


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