10 Plus-Size Belts For Women Who Wear Above A Size 14


It’s a cinch to find modern and trendy belts. That is, so long as you’re a size 12 or smaller. Unfortunately for most curvy women, finding a well-fitting belt just isn’t that easy. 

It’s the effortless accessory that’ll take your high-waisted jeans and fitted bodysuits to another level this fall. Though 68 percent of American women wear above a size 14, many of these trendy and practical accessories still aren’t designed to fit around an average woman’s hips. They can be too snug, fit on the last notch, or only fit when worn higher up on the waist.

We believe the 68 percent deserve better. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the cutest plus-size belts we can find, from western-style belts and buckles to faux fur leopard belts. 

Below, 10 of our favorite plus-size belts for women with curves

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